"The Chicken" scored the winning run in the 1997 World Series.
"The Chicken" scored the winning run in the 1997 World Series. (Photo: YouTube/Best-Video)

This Milwaukee chicken ran at midnight

Have you heard about the Milwaukee chicken?

This chicken ran at midnight in 1997 and, in his own way, helped not only win a World Series but showed that death is far from an end point.

Say what?

Well, the story – it’s not new, but I just heard about it – doesn’t actually mention a "Milwaukee" chicken. But the chicken in question does just happen to be Milwaukee native and current Milwaukee Brewers skipper, Craig Counsell.

The amazing story, showcased by SC Featured on ESPN, is about Rich Donnelly, a long-time MLB coach, and his daughter’s battle with a brain tumor. Counsell plays a key role during the story, and while I won't "ruin" the story with words, we've got it posted below for you to watch. It's moving, inspirational and rewarding. 

Enjoy, and remember … the (Milwaukee) chicken runs at midnight.

A community joined in hurt, hope and prayer.
A community joined in hurt, hope and prayer. (Photo: Jabril Faraj/Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service)

Former Milwaukeean details "The Milwaukee you don't know" on CNN

"But here's the thing: I am not sorry for being born and raised in Milwaukee. Milwaukee made me. For every person who tried to cut me down, there were countless more to build me up, from teachers, neighbors and a host of loving family members. I developed layers of thick skin there, cultivated an open mind, a loving heart, work ethic and above all, loyalty – even if to a fault."

The above is from this captivating CNN piece from Milwaukee native Sarah Hoye

She continues, later in the story: 

"Maybe I should have a chip on my shoulder; maybe I should be angry, bitter even. But I'm not. I was born without hate, was taught not to hate, and will die without hate in my heart.

I truly believe, as idealistic as it may sound, that there is hope for a city in pain, and hope for a way forward.

Milwaukee is hurting and has been for some time.

The question is: What will the city and its resilient residents do to heal?"

That question, Sarah, is one we all are discussing, dissecting and developing relationships and solutions around.

Thank you for your insight, passion and hope.

Tony Robbins' new film is worth the watch on Netflix.
Tony Robbins' new film is worth the watch on Netflix. (Photo: Tonyrobbins.com)

He's "not your guru," but he's well worth your time

You’ll be skeptical. We all are. Yet we all need improvement. Lord knows I do. 

You’ll probably go into it already having an opinion about "self help" books and movies. You’ll mock it and him, I’m sure. And, yes, you will be disappointed if you want compelling journalistic insight into Tony Robbins’ personal life or peers in his industry. 

But who cares?

You will be highly entertained and enlightened by the new Netflix documentary about Tony Robbins’ "Date with Destiny" seminars. Titled "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru," it’s an amazing look at the motivational speaker and his team as they hold one of his marquee events in Boca Raton, Fla.  

Directed by Joe Berlinger – who produced great documentaries on Metallica, the infamous gangster James "Whitey" Bulger, Paul Simon’s "Graceland" album and others – the new Netflix film lets you get out of it what you want while telling riveting stories about many of the event attendees and also offering insight into how Robbins’ seminars are produced and managed.   

During the event, in case you didn’t know, Robbins encourages attendees to confront their various issues and take charge of their lives. The doc and Robbins’ teachings, of course, work because we all have something that can be changed in our lives. 

If you’re a "self-help" skeptic, you’ll probably think it watches like a hyped-up infomercial.  That’s your choice. I’ve always been a fan of Robbins’ and a consumer of his messages for 20-plus years. His "Unlimited Power

" is one of the better books on the subject, and I’ve seen him live twice, so I can more than vouch for his presence, capacity to inspire and real motivation to help others lead more full, actualized lives. I take nuggets from him daily via his books and Twitter and access his content via his app regularly.

I need constant reminders of how to live and in my own ways am always looking to improve. Thus, I loved this film and highly recommend it.