Social media is media.
Social media is media.

It's not social media, it's media

There’s another study out telling us we are addicted to screens.  This one "shows that Americans from 18 to 34 are less obsessed with social media than some of their older peers are."

To me, it’s simple. I’m not an addict. Digital is how life works. "Social media" is dead. It’s media. It’s all media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Rex, Twitter, LinkedIn, whatever platforms you use – you use them to read, interact, live, shop and make your life happen. 

Stop telling me I’m addicted, use too much media or can’t think for myself because of a screen.  Stop it. 

Sure, it can all be a time suck but so are TV, radio, newspapers and other "traditional" media. That said, throw the term "traditional" out the door, too. It’s media. Plain and simple. 

Today and into the future it’s not a digital life, it’s a life in a digital word.

If you don’t watch "Blackish," you should.  Watch it here and check out the episode about media called "Their eyes were watching screens."  It’s great and helps position the rub that many feel around screens but story tells it all in a way that lets you know that all is OK in this "new" media world.  Seriously, it's OK. 

Media is media, and digital is the way we live.

The Wisconsin Club would look great on your tree.
The Wisconsin Club would look great on your tree.

The Wisconsin Club, this year's Milwaukee Downtown ornament

There is nothing like the holidays in Milwaukee. VISIT Milwaukee is here to share your top shopping destinations, must-see holiday shows, where to meet Kris Kringle and local gifts you can't resist. Tune in all month long and 'tis the season!

My Milwaukee worlds often collide and I love it. Smallwaukee, right? 

This Christmas and holiday season is no different, as Milwaukee Downtown, the business improvement district in Downtown Milwaukee, is selling its annual ornament. For 2016, the ornament depicts the Wisconsin Club. 

Located at 900 W. Wisconsin Ave., the building is a true Milwaukee treasure and the former home of Alexander Mitchell, the Scottish-born banker, railroad financier and politician who built the house in 1848. Since 1895 when The Deutscher Club moved into it, the building has been home to the private Wisconsin Club. It’s beautiful and an amazing part of the city’s history

I’m honored to serve on the board of directors at the Wisconsin Club, and happy that Beth Weirick and her team at Milwaukee Downtown selected it for this year’s ornament.  Milwaukee Downtown and Weirick have helped power Downtown’s renaissance and OnMilwaukee has been a proud partner since its very first days. My Milwaukee worlds are always colliding, you see. I love it. 

Need a Milwaukee ornament for your tree or home? You do. Buy this year’s here or choose from any of the past 10 years, too. Each is unique and a fitting part of Milwaukee’s history.

The 2016 Wisconsin Club ornament is available for $19.95. A limited number of past editions are available for $24.95. Shipping and handling is $2.95 per ornament.

Save on postage, if you'd like, by buying the ornaments at Milwaukee Downtown, 600 E. Wells St. (414-220-4700), Kloiber Jewelers, 777 E. Wisconsin Ave. (414-276-2457), or Urban Milwaukee, 755 N. Milwaukee St. (414-395-0632). Call ahead for hours of operation.

Know your beer's caloric ratio, especially during this holiday season.
Know your beer's caloric ratio, especially during this holiday season. (Photo:

Drinking responsibly with the right alcohol-calorie mix

It's that festive time of the year. 

Beginning this week with Thanksgiving, we – especially in the Midwest – go full throttle into the festive holiday season with night after night of parties, get-togethers and events. It's the most wonderful time of the year. 

But, it can catch up with you and your body if you don't watch it. No matter your age, you're not as young as you used to be and keeping those holiday calories off can be a battle. 

Thankfully, this list has been shared many times this week. It provides easy insight into which drinks and beers contain the highest alcohol-to-calorie ratio. 

Cuervo Gold, anyone?  Jack and Diet Coke? How about a Mich Ultra or Milwaukee's own Miller Lite?  All of these drinks fair well on the "get drunk, not fat" list?

But, no matter what your drink is or how you party this Christmas season, please do so responsibly. Merry, merry.

Where does country musician Cole Swindell want to eat when he comes to Milwaukee?
Where does country musician Cole Swindell want to eat when he comes to Milwaukee? (Photo: Cole Swindell Facebook)

Cole Swindell's Milwaukee restaurant picks for his Dec. 3 visit

Cole Swindell brings his "Down Home" tour to Milwaukee on Dec. 3.

The tour kicked off on Oct. 26, and this stop is part of the FM 106.1 Country Christmas Triple Play at The Rave, also featuring Jon Langston. Before Swindell comes to town, he and his team used OnMilwaukee to find five restaurants he wants to hit up while here.

The Rave show starts at 8 p.m., so he'll have some time for a good meal. Need tickets? Click here. Want to win them? Watch OnMilwaukee's Twitter account for a RT contest that will launch soon. It's simple; you'll just need to retweet our tweet for a chance to win two tickets and an exclusive meet and greet with Swindell.  

But before the contest launches, here is Cole Swindell's Milwaukee restaurant wish list:

1. Oscar’s Pub & Grill

"What’s better than a good burger and a Bloody Mary? Oscar’s Pub & Grill, I bet, is the perfect little neighborhood joint to hit up before coming out to the Down Home Tour. Since burgers and bloodies go hand in hand in Milwaukee, might as well grab one before the show!"

2. La Casa de Alberto

"If burgers aren’t your thing, head over La Casa de Albeto to grab some tacos. My band and I decided this would be the go-to place for a taco-eating contest. Five tacos for $4? C’mon, who can pass that up?!"

3. Wolski’s Tavern

"Still riding that high after the show? Go to Wolski’s Tavern for a game of darts, free popcorn and, of course, some beers. This seems to be a perfect place to unwind after the concert!"

4. Classic Slice

"I love some pizza. You can never go wrong with a big fat pie. With names like 'The Baconizer' and 'Metallica,' you know this pizza joint isn't playing around."

5. Mason Street Grill

"If you are looking to take your sweetheart out to a nice dinner, you can’t go wrong with Mason Street Grill! To make things better, it even has a good happy hour."