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Cornerback "divas" and aging fullbacks

GREEN BAY -- A few things to ponder as the Packers gear up for another beat-down in the City of Brotherly Love ...

Cornerback conundrum: Al Harris is one of my favorite guys in the Packers locker room, but he was acting a little diva-ish earlier this week.
On Wednesday, coach Mike McCarthy characterized Harris' play as "not as consistent as (Harris) would like," then added that Monday night's game at Philadelphia is "a great opportunity for him to get back on track."

Fairly innocuous stuff, right? Not to Harris.

When that comment was first relayed to Harris by Rob Reischel, a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Packer Plus magazine, either it was done so inaccurately or Harris took it the wrong way, because he told a second reporter that he'd been told McCarthy accused him of being the problem in the secondary. Reischel insists that he told Harris that McCarthy had described his play as "inconsistent," and I believe him.

Thus, the third possibility is that Harris, who threatened to hold out this offseason if his deal wasn't upgraded, thought he saw an opportunity to create some melodrama and expedite his contract push. How else do you explain what he said to me?

"If that's the way they feel around here, then maybe I should go somewhere else," Harris said. When I repeatedly told him that McCarthy never said that, Harris said, "That's besides the point. I've seen a lot of 'inconsistent' things going on around here. If that's the way they feel, then maybe I'm not the guy. The trading deadline is coming up (Oct. 17)."

A variation of those comments had run in the Journal Sentinel on Thursday morning, which apparently left the coach none too pleased. Harris, in turn, said Thursday it was a "miscommunication" and that "the guy who wrote that didn't write it right."

"Maybe they wanted to send him over to do a cat pageant or something and he just needed a story," Harris said. "There is no problem. I'm great, man, I'm great; I love my life, I l…Read more...

A view from the Packers' press box

GREEN BAY -- When I made my daily appearance on Drew Olson's "The D-List" Monday morning, the venerable host (and my good buddy) opened the interview with, "Where to start?" And in the aftermath of the Green Bay Packers' 26-0 loss Sunday to the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field, I have no idea.

Seriously, does it get any worse? (Packers fans' response: We hope not.) Losing the regular-season opener. At home. To your longest-standing rival. Without scoring a point. Today, the coaches and players were trying to sell the idea that it wasn't as bad as the 26-0 score indicated. And there may be some truth to that. But it's still bad.

So rather than rehashing it, let's take a shot at what's sure to be a hot-button issue for the next several days: The team's signing of Koren Robinson.

What's your reaction to it? (Feel free to post a talkback below.) I'm not sure what to think. Clearly, from a football perspective, signing the troubled ex-Minnesota and Seattle wide receiver makes sense.

Not only is Robinson's salary not guaranteed -- vested veterans on the roster on opening day are assured of their entire base salary -- now that Week 1 is over, but he fills needs at receiver and kick returner, where he was a Pro Bowl pick and the Packers clearly could use some help.

That said, what about the PR hit the team will take? Or are fans so focused on winning that they don't care much about the fact that the guy was clocked going 104 miles per hour in a 55-mile per hour zone and blew a 0.09 in his blood-alcohol test afterward? He stands accused of one count of felony fleeing and two counts of fourth-degree drunken driving, along with reckless driving, careless driving and driving after suspension.

Curmudgeonly Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Cliff Christl, one of the reporters I admire on this beat, asked Ted Thompson perhaps the gutsiest question I've heard in my 10 years Monday night. "Ted, what if he kills somebody in this state? Driving drunk or speeding awa…Read more...