Internet message boards bring out the conflict.
Internet message boards bring out the conflict. (Photo: CC by 2.0 Anthony Topper, Jason McDowell)

Fun with inflammatory polarizing statements

Neighborhood message boards draw in people of all stripes with all kinds of needs. Some report crime, some need help moving, and some have stuff they don't want and are seeking another in need. But when you bring together disparate personalities and diverse cultures into one room, it can unleash bitter, frothing and all-too-familiar arguments.

Today the Riverwest Neighborhood Facebook Group succinctly mapped out what those conflicts look like after Michael Mlynarski posted one inflammatory, polarizing statement. Watch the drama unfold below (and maybe keep an eye out for which one is you).

UPDATE on January 4 at 9:51am: The argument continues to rage on, with residents laughing (literally) in the face of a reasonable, agreeable and equitable solution.