Gearing up for "Decision '08"

This year, some people will talk about the importance of "leading by example" but will fail to heed their own advice. Others will mention the need to "get back to basics" but because "the basics" seem to change so often, it's difficult to know which "basics" they're referring to.

Citizens! Prepare for vague pledges of "a return to family values" and "universal heath care for all!" Prepare for platitudes, promises and double-speak, spoken fluently on both sides of the partisan fence. After all, it is an election year. And by the looks of the political blogs I've seen, the candidates aren't the only ones interested in maintaining status quo. The constituency, Dem and Reep alike, are ensuring that the presidential election of 2008 shapes up to be the same name calling, political party bashing online "debates" that didn't solve anything the last time.

Perhaps that's just the way of the world. Change is difficult and people crave some familiarity. Besides, for some, I'm told, being politically confrontational and argumentative is fun. But wouldn't it be fascinating if the staunches supporters of either party could admit their political candidate isn't perfect? You would think by now most would've learned that putting anyone on a pedestal is foolish anyway. Last year alone we watched as politicians, who threw stones from their glass houses, tried to dodge shards of glass as the stones boomeranged back, making a mess of everything.


As I brace for Decision '08, or whatever it's called this time, I'm looking for the candidate who is saying something different. My vote goes to the person who can do more than just draw lines in the sand and kick up dirt about others. My decision won't be based on the candidate's religion, sex, age or the color of their skin. Unfortunately, for some, those are only deciding factors. I won't swear solidarity to one political party, as I don't think of myself as strictly conservative or liberal. The damage of blindl…