Jack Daniels and tonic.
Jack Daniels and tonic.

Jack and tonic? Never heard of it

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"Jack Daniels and tonic with a twist of lime, please."

Whenever I order my favorite drink from a bartender for the first time, it usually gets this response:

"That's a new one for  me!"

For more years than I care to cite, I've been drinking a particular concoction of my own invention. Apparently, it's so rare that most professional bartenders I've encountered – in Milwaukee, in New York, in Las Vegas, you name it – react with measured surprise and intrigue.

"Where did you come up wtih that one?"

For years, my favorite bartender in town always commented on my "Jack and tonic, with a twist of lime" order. He told me most customers drank Jack Daniels whiskey in a different fashion.

Jack and Coke.

Jack and water.

Jack straight up.

Everything except Jack Daniels and tonic water.

I've been drinking it for so long I can't remember the first time I ordered it. But I do recall the numerous times over the years when professional mixologists reacted as if I had finally beat them in an eternal game of "Name That Drink."

Once, I ordered my drink in a tavern I had never been in before and the bartender leaned back to take note of my appearance.

"I remember you!" he exclaimed. "Jack Daniels and tonic with a lime!"

Turned out he had served me for years in his previous job. I didn't recognize him.

"You know something?" He asked. "I still have never served anyone else who drank that!"

I've accepted the fact that I have my own personal libation; in my mind, it's on a par with James Bonds' "shaken not stirred" martini.

If any local bartender remembers a customer who ordered the same thing, feel free to share that information.

Chances are you might be thinking about me.


emills81 | Feb. 13, 2013 at 11:52 a.m. (report)

A couple drinks I rarely came across but found odd were, bloody beers. Half bloody Mary half beer in a mug. It looks worst then it taste. I think its a southern thing.

The other one is vodka and coke. For some reason it just seems like it shouldnt be good. I think that is a European thing.

I cant say I have ever served a jack and tonic. You should try a makers and ginger ale, very tasty.

Ok, now I'm thirsty.

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