A small plates menu is coming to Von Trier in early March.
A small plates menu is coming to Von Trier in early March.
Executive chef Christian Schroeder.
Executive chef Christian Schroeder.

Von Trier will soon begin serving food

When John Sidoff and his wife, Cindy, bought East Side landmark Von Trier in late 2009, he left no doubt about his intentions. There would be no food, except for the traditional popcorn and maybe some happy hour nibbles imported from an outside source.

That raised a timely question yesterday. Why was I attending a tasting of the bar's small plates menu, scheduled to be rolled out in early March?

"So many people come in here and ask, do you have food," Sidoff explained during the sampling. "We have had to send them away.

"The days of owning just a cocktail lounge are over. It is impossible to get people in early and have them stick around without serving food."

The Sidoffs are no strangers to operating a famous bar with a busy kitchen. They also own Hooligan's, a stone's throw away from Von Trier.

Upscale small plate items are on the menu executive chef Christian Schroeder is developing. Think thinly-sliced smoked salmon on crostini topped by a dollop of organic dill sour cream. Or Medjool dates stuffed with soft chevre cheese and wrapped in prosciutto and a fresh basil leaf.

Schroeder, who was formerly executive sous chef at The Envoy in the Ambassador Hotel, is also planning a chicken and sausage fricassee with vegetables in puff pastry, and three different flatbread pizzas, including one topped with hummus, rock shrimp, blue cheese, white truffle oil and organic greens.

The menu, containing about 10 sharable items, will be seasonal. Look for gazpacho in the summer. Prices will range from $6 to $12.

Von Trier had a very small prep kitchen dating back to when the building housed its predecessor, Rieder's. The Sidoffs have expanded the kitchen for the new food service.

George Carlin's daughter, Kelly, hosts her own monthly radio program on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.
George Carlin's daughter, Kelly, hosts her own monthly radio program on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. (Photo: Kelly Carlin)

George Carlin's daughter debuts new satellite radio show

Milwaukee and George Carlin had a special relationship from the moment he was arrested here 40 years ago for mentioning "the seven words that can never be said on television" on a Summerfest stage. The comedian died in 2008.

Carlin's daughter, Kelly, was 9 when the long arm of the Milwaukee law put her father in jail for alleged disorderly conduct and profanity. She went on to graduate magna cum laude from UCLA, get a master's degree in "Jungian depth psychology" and work as a therapist for a few years.

But she is a Carlin, and she has never been able to completely escape show business. Her new "The Kelly Carlin Show" debuts at 6 p.m. today on the SiriusXM satellite radio Raw Dog Comedy channel, which is #99. On the first Sunday of every month, Kelly will interview a famous comedian about life, careers and the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar.

First up today is Robin Williams, who will talk about being cast in "Mork & Mindy," among other things.

Carlin's interviews will be repeated several times for SiriusXM internet subscribers on channel 400. Here is a recent interview with Kelly Carlin from the New York Times.