Get "In Da Club" with 50 Cent tonight at Plum Lounge.
Get "In Da Club" with 50 Cent tonight at Plum Lounge. (Photo: 50 Cent Facebook)

50 Cent is "In Da Club" tonight at Plum Lounge

Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, pays a visit to Milwaukee tonight as he hosts Plum Lounge's "Thursday Night" with Effen Vodka. 

Plum Lounge's social media accounts have been promoting the appearance and the man DJ Heavy shared it himself on Instagram. This is going down. Tonight. 

Plum owner Mazen Muna confirmed this morning that 50 Cent will indeed be in the house and the response has been huge.

"The response has been non stop since we made the announcement," he told us this morning via Facebook. "There may be a couple of tables left, but the majority of the space is sold out. We will be allowing our reservations and private guest list in first followed by individual invitees followed by the general public. People can feel free to walk up however we will not be able to guarantee entrance as the night goes on further and as we reach capacity. For any more information customers can reach us on the plum lounge Facebook page where we will reply instantly."

Go back in time tonight with the "Get Rich and Die Tryin" mogul. If you'd like a table to dance to "Candy Shop," "How We Do" and "In Da Club," reach out to Plum Lounge via Facebook. Just remember he don't give a f*ck is it's not your birthday. 

Milwaukee, a great city by the beach? Yes!
Milwaukee, a great city by the beach? Yes! (Photo: Visit Milwaukee)

Vote for Milwaukee as a great city by the beach

Another day, another nomination. 

Milwaukee has been raking in the accolades lately, and today brought in a new one, as the Cream City was nominated by Outdoor Magazine as a best beach town. Beach City, USA. Yes, that's Milwaukee. 

If you're wondering how or why Milwaukee's seen as a beach city, you shouldn't be. Outdoor Magazine shared the method to its ranking madness stating, "We looked for places with great access to trails and public lands, thriving restaurants and neighborhoods, and, of course, a good beer scene – all while excluding the winners and runners-up from the past three years to make room for hidden gems, underdogs and towns on the rise." 

Milwaukee certainly meets those standards and much more. This year, Outdoor organized the contest by the type of town, with river, culture, beach and mountain burgs battling it out in their respective brackets until there's one of each remaining. 

In the first round, Milwaukee is pitted against Bellingham, Wash. – and we are not in the lead. So, you have three more days to have your voice be heard and move Milwaukee in the winner's circle. 

So, vote Milwaukee! 

Summerfest is a feather in Milwaukee's cap.
Summerfest is a feather in Milwaukee's cap. (Photo: Sarah Laux)

Can you believe this sh*t: Hey Mashable, where's Summerfest?

Ah, the great Milwaukee summer. It's something most Milwaukeeans can't wait for – myself included – and it's inching closer every day. Summerfest is a huge part of that anticipation.

So imagine my disappointment when I clicked on a little quiz-question article titled "Which summer festival is right for you" via Mashable and didn't end up picking Summerfest. And imagine my even greater disappointment when I realized that's because Summerfest wasn't even included in the flipping article. 

Sure, Summerfest is local. And sure, Summerfest is right down the block from me. So maybe I'm biased.

BUT ... how in the hell does Mashable write up a guide to summer music festivals and not include the biggest one in the world?

After all, 772,652 patrons walked through the gates last year for The Big Gig. And while Summerfest may not have the sexy millennial cred of a Lollapalooza or a Coachella, you still had the Rolling Stones. And Ed Sheeran. And DJ P Hilty – I mean Paris Hilton. And Kendrick Lamar. They even have a Kendrick-related question on their pretty little flow chart! 

I realize that Milwaukee doesn't make the world go round and that our beloved Big Gig isn't a cool, hipster, Pitchfork-approved festival. But Summerfest is absolutely one of the feathers in our cap – and I, for one, love it.

So, Mashable, maybe come up, bring two cans of nonperishable food to get in for free on some lazy weekday and try out Summerfest this year. You might even like it.