Recycle your holiday card for a "corona card" and brighten someone's day.
Recycle your holiday card for a "corona card" and brighten someone's day.

Do this now: Brighten someone's day with a corona card

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our everyday life, but it doesn't need to change who we are. So, in addition to our ongoing coverage of the coronavirus, OnMilwaukee will continue to report on cool, fun, inspiring and strange stories from our city and beyond. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay informed and stay joyful. We're all in this together. #InThisTogetherMKE

It's been a doozy lately, Milwaukee. I know it, you know it. So, let's bring smiles however we can – and this is just one small way to do so. 

Earlier this week, I was looking for a way to shine some light on a few close to me and didn't really have the appropriate cards I was looking for. So, I dug into my Christmas bin to see what I had handy and found what I was looking for! 

OnMilwaukee is doing a number of things to bring us all "virtually" together – such as this happy hour, giving suggestions on ways to connect via your phone or computer and more. But going old school and dropping a letter in the mail is unexpected and not planned out. 

You can just do it whenever you want to. It made me feel better about our current situation, and based on the responses I got back from friends, it helped just a little bit for them too. Cause we are #inthistogethermke. 

Get ready to go green.
Get ready to go green. (Photo: Westown Association)

St. Patrick's Day Parade cancelled for Downtown March 14

UPDATE: Due to concern surrounding Covida-19 the parade has been cancelled. "This was a difficult decision, but all parties want to ensure we are doing our part to help prevent the spread of the disease. This decision was made out of abundant concern for the 30,000 people that come to downtown Milwaukee each year to celebrate with us," said Stacie Callies, executive director of Westown Association. 

Milwaukee, mark your calendars!

The 54th annual Shamrock Club of Wisconsin St. Patrick's Parade takes place on Saturday, March 14. This year's parade is presented by Miller Lite and will step off at noon at Old World 3rd Street and Wisconsin Avenue and finish at Water Street and Highland Avenue.

Join us for one of the best St Patrick’s Day spectacles in the country and the grandest parade in Wisconsin. The Parade features more than 120 units and includes local politicians and celebrities, floats, bagpipes and marching bands, as well as Irish and Celtic organizations. It’s the perfect event for the whole family, because on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish!

The Milwaukee St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the oldest and longest running St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the nation, dating back to 1843. The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin has produced the parade since 1967 and has been in partnership with Westown Association since 2002.

For more information on the parade, please visit the official parade website here.


Hey Wisconsin, Frankie is back - and he'll get you ready for this snowstorm

HELLO WISCONSIN! Frankie is back! I've shared my love for Frankie in the past, and hopefully you are already following him. This weekend is supposed to be a doozy, and I hope he's right. I love a good snowstorm. Be safe out there. 

The Canadian, who has autism, gives you a weather warning in boisterous fashion (via YouTube) that I cannot stop smiling at. He's endearing, passionate and oh so lovable.

You can also follow along on his Twitter account here

Happy to be cancer-free in Steamboat Springs.
Happy to be cancer-free in Steamboat Springs.

Why you should start the new year with a skin check

Just over six months ago, I dropped by my doctor's office for my annual doctor's checkup – one that I’d pushed back twice ... and honestly, maybe even more times than that. Life was busy; summer is an amazing but fully nuts time at work, having just wrapped up a fun-filled but crazy Summerfest, and elsewhere I was golfing and enjoying going out on the lake with my family.

So, at this long overdue appointment, my brand new doctor (Dr. Sinopoli, who I now LOVE and highly recommend) asked if there was anything I was concerned about. I casually and without much real thought said, "A mole on my shoulder blade is changing." She covered off a few other things with me and then we took a look.

We barely discussed much else after she took a peek. What she saw wasn’t good. Within 24 hours, I had a call from the office of Dr. Heather Wells (dermatologist) and within 24 hours of that call, I was sitting there, telling her about my upcoming plans to hit the links that weekend and jet away on a trip to Colorado in a few weeks with my niece and nephew.

She couldn’t have been kinder when she gently told me that, while she hoped she was wrong, I probably wouldn’t be golfing for quite a while. I would be going in for surgery soon to remove melanoma cancer from my body.

I cried on the table as she told me. And if I’m being honest, I cried before I even went in – when I saw the word "cancer" on the side of the building. I cried again as I sat in my car in the parking garage, after they removed the mole for a biopsy, as I told my mom what was going on and she asked if I was OK to tell my dad myself. And I cried some more when I called my best friend in Seattle, and she quietly whispered on the phone, "You are going to be fine."

I cried on my back patio when telling my sister about it all. I cried when I called to tell someone very dear to me that he was right, I needed to get that mole looked at. He may have saved my life – so I, of course, also cried when I said "TH…