Comedian Doug Benson performs at Turner Hall Ballroom Sunday, September 15th.
Comedian Doug Benson performs at Turner Hall Ballroom Sunday, September 15th.

Puff, puff, laugh Benson is coming to town

Comedian Doug Benson always seems to be happy and smiling. Every time I've talked to him, he's made conversation easy, interesting and fun. Maybe it's because of his comedic approach to life or maybe it's because he's frequently high on marijuana.

Benson has a connection with marijuana. It is a common trend in all of his live shows and most of his comedic works. From "The Marijuana-Logues," to movies like "Super High" and his latest documentary "The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled," Benson is one of today's best and most recognized pot humorists. 

Similar to previous efforts, his sixth live stand-up album "Gateway Doug" was recorded live on April 20. In his latest CD he reads fan tweets, rants about movies, shares his thoughts on bees and ice castles all while clearly being inebriated. The CD is consistent with the humor we are used to from Benson. He's self-deprecating at times, but relatable. He's like the friend you had in college that you would have a serious conversation about movies with and hours later wake up on the floor with orange Cheetos powder on your face and fingers from a late night attack of the munchies.

Expect to smile and laugh with Doug when he hits the stage this Sunday evening at Turner Hall Ballroom.

In today's Kramp Cast Doug and I talk about the "issues" of legalizing marijuana, the stupidity behind trying to hide it in college and how proud his parents were for him when he was named Stoner Of The Year. Enjoy!