Sophie Turner Plays Sansa Stark in HBO's Game Of Thrones
Sophie Turner Plays Sansa Stark in HBO's Game Of Thrones

Kramp Cast: Thongs, thrones and tunes

In this week's long form podcast I'm joined by actress Sophie Turner who plays Medieval-fantasy heroine Sansa Stark in HBO's "Game Of Thrones." She lives in a small town in Warwick, England and her neighbors don't even know she's on TV!

To them she's a normal 17-year-old that goes to high school and does her chores, but don't let that fool you when it comes to her bold presence on this hit show. Like her character, Sophie is ready to break out!

Speaking about breaking out, a lot of great TV shows are back in June and it starts this weekend with TNT's "Falling Skies" and AMC's "The Killing." I talk to's Steve Kabelowsky about five great shows that are back with new and final seasons.

Also, there is a guy who has been riding around in Madison with next to nothing on. He's been dubbed the "Thong Caped Scooter Man" and I wrote an original song about him.

Chad Curtis of Milwaukee band The Saltshakers joins the Kramp Cast to talk about the state of original music in Milwaukee plus we get to hear an acoustic track from their new CD which you can get this Saturday at Spin Milwaukee when they play a free show at 9 p.m. with Heavy Melters.

Listen now and enjoy!

Bill Davidson, vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum.
Bill Davidson, vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Kramp Cast: Bill Davidson on Harley-Davidson's 110th

We are only three months away from the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary. Aerosmith, Kid Rock and Toby Keith are set as headlining acts and another 60 bands will hit the Summerfest grounds to celebrate an American icon.

A huge parade will hit the streets of Downtown Milwaukee plus new and old bikes will be on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum. The vice president of the museum Bill Davidson has been preparing for the 110th since last year.

Davidson is the  son of Harley-Davidson styling legend Willie G. Davidson and great-grandson of one of the company’s founders. In today's Kramp Cast I talk to Davidson about growing up in the family, his plans for the big party and how both riders and non-riders can join the celebration this Labor Day Weekend.



Fun on board the Pedal Tavern.
Fun on board the Pedal Tavern.

Beer or no beer, the Pedal Tavern is still fun!

Last year the Milwaukee Pedal Tavern, known for being fueled by its passengers by literally peddling with their own legs, had to alter the alcohol policy due to legislation, but the fun has not stopped even though drinking on board has.

Last month though, Assembly Bill 169 supporting responsible drinking on the Milwaukee Pedal Tavern started to circulate amongst Wisconsin lawmakers to help local businesses reclaim hundreds of thousands of dollars lost due to cancellations.

In today's Kramp Cast, I’m joined by Derek Collins, co-owner of the Pedal Tavern to find out the status on the bill, the business and their fun alternative ride that has created quite a buzz on the streets of Milwaukee.

Kramp shows off his bartending skills.
Kramp shows off his bartending skills.

Trick bartending!

I recently joined The Packard Brothers at Amann’s Bar in Milwaukee for drinks. Over the course of a few beers they bet I was a better flair bartender than owner Tommy Amann.

Flair bartenders use trickery to entertain patrons by juggling, flipping or even incorporating magic tricks while pouring drinks. Tommy is fast, knowledgeable and knows how to pour accurately. He can grab a bottle, toss it around and make a drink with ease.

On the other hand, I can grab a bottle and drink it with ease.

This is a new challenge to see if I have what it takes to be a working flair bartender.

Here is another Kramp Bit for your viewing pleasure. It’s called Trick Pour Competition. Enjoy the video!