A tasty, but diminutive slice from Whole Foods.
A tasty, but diminutive slice from Whole Foods.

A week of pizza by the slice: Whole Foods

Today's slice comes from Whole Foods Market, which sells slices for $3.50 each or two for $6, regardless of toppings.

I visit Whole Foods daily, because it's close to my office, and I have the pizza weekly. I like it. The crust is thin but doughy. Unlike traditional New York-style pizza, it lacks the rim of dough along the outside edge, but that's OK.

The oven gets nice and hot and the bottom of the crust usually has some super-tasty dark spots without burning the cheese up top.

Whole Foods also makes a nice variety of pizzas, from basic cheese to one-topping options like pepperoni or sausage to more complex multi-topping ones like the vegan, spinach and feta and others.

Turnover is good here, too, which means the slices are pretty fresh and don't generally need reheating. They sit under heat lamps, which could be a problem if they've been out of the oven too long, but that rarely seems to be the case.

The main problem at Whole Foods has been shrinkage. I haven't measured the pies but experience tells me that they've gotten smaller over time and, consequently, so have the slices.

For example, today's cheese and pepperoni – which has thin slices of large, mild pepperoni on top – measured a mere 7.75 inches by 8 inches, making it, by far, the most diminutive of the slices I've had this week.

Tomorrow I wrap up the week with a visit to a South Side place.


danno | May 27, 2012 at 1:28 p.m. (report)

Just like 11.5 oz instead of 12 oz but same price. Another way to hide inflation.

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