Aimee Mann onstage at The Pabst Theater last month.
Aimee Mann onstage at The Pabst Theater last month. (Photo: CJ Foeckler)

Bronze Fonz as Aimee Mann's muse?

When Aimee Mann performed at The Pabst early in November, she couldn't help but comment on The Bronze Fonz.

"That is the worst Fonzie statue I've ever seen. It is so awesome," said Mann during the show. "Every town has its wrong statue and this one is your guys'. You should be so proud."

That led us to wonder how many Fonzie statues she's seen, but I digress.

The other day, Mann tweeted,

The following day, she revisited the subject, noting that she's collaborating with Ted Leo, who opened for Mann at the Milwaukee gig last month, and allowing Leo to make the very public judgment:

Then Leo made his very public judgment:

When I retweeted her initial Fonz comment, she responded to say,

Time will tell what Mann has to say, in song, about the man in the turquoise pants that adorns our Riverwalk. I've asked her for a preview, but we'll see...


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