This tiny house is located on Scott Street, near South 15th Place.
This tiny house is located on Scott Street, near South 15th Place.

5 more random photos of the Milwaukee landscape

Back in spring, I posted some photo outtakes from my wanderings around town and you seemed to enjoy them. So, here are five more from the archive.

1. 740 N. James Lovell Dr.

Whenever I see a place like this turn-of-the-20th-century home turned office space, I can easily imagine myself living Downtown (dumpster notwithstanding). And this one has one of my favorite city center taverns right next door (and a nice grassy patch out back, for now).

2. 21st and Lapham Street

At first I thought maybe the bell was a sign that this was a telephone company related building but it didn't really look like one (at the moment it appears to be apartments). It might simply be a design motif. I love stumbling upon great architectural elements like these in ordinary residential neighborhoods. They remind me to keep my eyes open for beauty everywhere.

3. Tiny house

I lived around the corner from this wee house for about eight years and, still, I always smile when I see it. It's tempting to think this 19th century single-wide was a garage or something converted into a home, but details like the ornate window frames would counter that argument. To the left is another mother-in-law house, suggesting this one simply lost its bigger partner out front (or that the larger home was never actually built).

4. Western Union office

If you're near the Wells Building, 324 E. Wisconsin Ave., and need to send a telegram or money gram, head to the basement. But you might have to knock hard, I couldn't get anyone to answer when I stopped over.

5. Rooftop shanty

This East Town scene, viewed from the Railway Exchange across Broadway, looks like an unlikely Hooverville-style aerie. It's actually the roof access to the building, but I like my first impression better.


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