Kramer's Corner: End of match etiquette

A common situation happened near the conclusion of our recent game with Chicago that has resulted in some heated tempers with various players and teams over the years.

Here is what transpired. With the score 19-12 in our favor with less than a minute remaining in the game, Chicago coach Steve Morris called a timeout to set up a restart play from the top of the arc. Seconds after the failed restart opportunity, we were awarded a free kick from the attacking yellow line. We opted to play the ball back and attempted to run the time out. Chicago however, pressured the ball and gained possession and as time expired our co-captain Todd Dusosky committed a foul that resulted in a blue card infraction.

I was asked by a fan following the game my opinion regarding Chicago calling a time-out in that situation and continuing to pressure even though the game was out of balance.

I had no problem or issue with Morris calling timeout or with his team continuing to play hard until the final whistle. I believe that is the way it should be. I have seen players and teams who don't respond well to being scored on late in the game when they are trailing and feel like they are being disrespected. Our message to our players here with the Wave is that if the opponent continues to attack our goal, we will continue to attack their goal.

The Major Indoor Soccer League is unique in the fact that there is no timetable for when teams should shut down. In the National Basketball Association, the players will continue to play until the final 24-second shot clock, where a player will dribble the ball until time expires. The same is true in the National Football League with the 30-second play clock. In Major League Baseball, the game is over when the final out occurs. The final minute of our game is most similar to the National Hockey League, where the players continue to play until the final horn sounds.


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