Instead of driving everywhere, jump on your bike.
Instead of driving everywhere, jump on your bike.

Sit less, move more

We sit way too much. Many of us have desk jobs where we sit for eight to nine hours a day. After we leave the office, we sit in our car to run errands. We follow that by sitting down to eat dinner. Our day ends by sitting on the couch to unwind by watching some television or browsing the Internet.

Many of us sit for a good 12-15 hours each and every day. Unfortunately, research shows that long hours of sitting can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even early death. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your workout is enough movement to counter long hours of sitting. You can still be active and sedentary.

How can you add more movement to your day? First, think about all the times you find yourself sitting during the day. Then come up with a creative way in which you can get out of the seat and move your feet.

Here are a couple of examples:

Instead of driving everywhere, jump on your bike. Bike riding is great exercise, greener transportation and provides excellent stress relief.

We spend a lot of time at work sitting in front of the computer or the phone. Prop your laptop on a bookshelf to create a standing workstation. You can also purchase a sit-stand workstation that you can adjust throughout the day. Get a headset and stand during phone calls.

Walk during your lunch break. Walk to the coffee shop, the mailbox and the dry cleaners. Get your errands done on foot or just enjoy a stroll outside.

Take a movement break every hour. Do some desk push-ups, squats or walk the stairs. Need to communicate with a coworker? Don’t email, walk over and talk to them.

If you need a friendly reminder to get up and move on your own, here is a list of a few apps that will alert you that you have been sitting for too long.

Human beings are meant to move, not sit in chairs all day. Make it part of your daily routine to do simple things to stand up to the negative consequences of sitting all day.


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