The author during her career as a dancer.
The author during her career as a dancer.

7 stereotypes about strip clubs and strippers

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As Downtown Milwaukee considers its first new strip club in a long time, I thought it would be fun to clear the air about some of the stereotypes strip clubs and strippers tend to have. Granted, there are stereotypes for a reason, right?

Of course, but stereotypes are nothing other than elements of a subculture. Every large society has different cultures, every culture has subcultures and so on. There are good and bad elements in every subculture. Strip clubs and strippers are no different, but people should not shun them as a whole. Especially considering how much we as a society let slide by that is much more damaging to our morale.

But I digress; in this blog I will only be dissecting the leading stereotypes about strip clubs and strippers. I was a dancer in Milwaukee and nationally for six years – I think it’s important for the general public to have some understanding of the strip club culture if they’re going to be neighbors. It’s also important for people to take a look at the big picture before jumping on the judgmental train. Which is another thing, we as a society enjoy doing.

1. Strip clubs promote sex, drugs and crime

This is always something I found humorous. Similar to how every Italian is in the mob, or every Middle Eastern Indian owns a 7-11. To say strip clubs don’t promote sex would be ridiculous, but they don’t do the type of "promotion" that many pissed off housewives and girlfriends seem to visualize. Strippers promote the idea of sensuality. If they were screwing every guy in there they wouldn’t make any money. It’s basic economics, really. And lets face it, there’s mo…