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Join Goran from The Gufs and musicians around the world with your version of this song.

Gufs' singer invites musicians to record "When This Is Over" in solidarity

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Goran Kralj, lead singer and songwriter for The Gufs, co-wrote (with Joe Doyle) and recorded a song called "When This Is Over" that addresses the coronavirus crisis, and invited musicians from all over the world to post their own versions as a way to unite during the stay-at-home orders.

"This as a response to the craziness that is going on in the world right now," says Kralj. "It was written over Zoom video so we as songwriters practiced extreme social distancing while writing. Stay safe and healthy and take care of each other. This too shall pass and we will be stronger and better when we get to the other side of this dark time."

Kralj's brother, Daniel Rey, did the first cover of the song to kickstart the idea:

So far, about a dozen more versions of the song have appeared, including this one from BJ Seidel of Dramatic Lovers:

"I love the uplifting, positive spirit of these lyrics," says Biju Zimmerman, who is coordinating this viral event. "I encourage all musicians to cover the song with your own twist and vibe. Play one, be one!"

Here are the lyrics and the chords for anyone interested in recording and sharing their own version of "When This Is Over." Be sure to include in the post that the song was written by @goransong and @joedoylesongs and use hashtag #whenthisisover.

When This Is Over
When this is over
and I find myself on the other side
Where the clouds begin to break
The sun shines, the tears dry

When this all ends
I'll stop and take deep breath
make a little time
visit with an old friend
reach out my hand
help someone if I can
listen to my heart
act out my new plan
live life slower
when this is over
When this is over
I'll see it as a blessing in disguise
I'll view this crazy world through Different eyes and blind desire

When this all ends
I'll stop and take a deep breath
Make a little time
Visit with an old friend
Reach out my hand
Help someone if I can
Listen to my heart
Act out my new plan
Live life slower
When this is over
Over my shoulder
Will lie the weight
That tried to pull me under

V: G-C-G-C Em-D
C: C-D-Em-G
B: Em-f-D-C
(Song originally performed a full step down in D, tuning in open position.)

To have your video included in the "When This Is Over" YouTube playlist, email the raw version to


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