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Toya Washington responded to a critic this past week on Facebook. (PHOTO: YouTube/WISN 12 News )

WISN's Toya Washington takes on sexist fashion-policing troll

Here's an unfortunate newsflash: Female news anchors are subjected to infinitely more criticism for their clothing than their male counterparts. In 2014, an Australian news host even wore the same suit for a year in order to prove viewers' knives are often out much more often for women than men.

As for more evidence: this.

One very alarmed viewer managed to wrestle his or her hands from clutching their pearls to write a letter – that's right; an actual letter – to WISN 12's Toya Washington to offer some observations and suggestions concerning her recent "more revealing" and "less professional" fashion choices – including *gasp!* a "camisole" on the Feb. 24 telecast. Here is a screenshot from a YouTube video WISN posted from that date:

TVSpy has a photo of the same telecast, or at least an almost identical outfit. And some Twitter photos from other newscasts in the past month:

Won't someone think of the children!?

The explanation for Washington's recent fashion faux pas, according to the letter's author? Not only an obvious play for higher ratings, but "quite possibly, you might be 'feeling your age' as an anchor." The letter then closes with "keep up the good work, and we appreciate your consideration," before the author assumably went outside to chastise women whose shins were visible.

Along with a photo of the anonymous letter, Washington posted her response on Facebook, calling the criticism is "laughable" and noting she's bought one new work outfit in the past several months – and that's not planning on changing her wardrobe.

Sounds like viewers will be seeing the Feb. 24 outfit again soon. Sorry, anonymous 21st century letter writer!


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