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Tiffany Ogle on the set of "Morning Blend."

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The former Miss Minnesota says pageant scholarships helped fund her education.

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Ogle's looking forward to her family coming from Minnesota for next year's Irish Fest.

Milwaukee Talks: "Morning Blend" co-host Tiffany Ogle

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OMC: Tell me a little about getting ready for the show. Are you here at 5:30 getting ready?

TO: I'm in my bed at 5 in the morning. I'm up at 6 o'clock, 6:30, depending on the day. And I'm in here at about 7:30. We have an hour to prep on computer, and then we come into the dressing room 8:30, 8:45-ish.

OMC: You don't do pre-interviews?

TO: Just meet the guests, which is always nice to get a brief introduction before they go on the air, calm them, meet them.

OMC: This is an interesting show because it's a hybrid of advertising and your own content, straight interviews. Do you approach those interviews differently, the paid content?

TO: It's very conversational. The whole point of everything is just to connect the viewers with different (things), whether it's organizations, events or charities, to really just connect the audience with people in the community.

So for me, it's a complete conversation, because I'm really getting to know people from the Milwaukee area. Since I'm new, it's really been informative to me as well as inviting to learn what's going on, and to get to meet the people behind the scenes.

OMC: When you and Molly come on you do, I wouldn't call it a monologue, 'cause it's two of you. But do you decide what you're going to decide what you're going to talk about it advance?

TO: Briefly. Sometimes we'll come up with ideas. Today, we had a divorce segment on talking about collaborative divorce, so in the opening, we're like, "let's talk about some statistics."

We try not to talk about too much, because we want everything to be organic and real in the actual conversation. Like, this morning, I asked, "Are your parents divorced?" So, I knew that ahead of time, so I could comment and say, "Yours are married, mine are divorced."

OMC: You talked about, earlier on, that you were told that you should be yourself, "tell us who you are." You told viewers this morning that your parents were divorced when you were young. Do you have any qualms about that?

TO: I'm an open book. I have a blog, I have a Web site. That's just kind of the way I work. That's worked well in life.

OMC: As a TV interviewer, TV personality, do you have, at this point, ultimate goals. Would you like to be on a network? Cable channel?

TO: I'd love it. I think everyone would love it. Right now, I'm just happy to be where I'm at.

The biggest thing that I've always done is to really be present in the moment, and take in everything that you're experiencing and be open to everything each opportunity has to offer.

For me, right now, it's getting to know Milwaukee, learning to meet a lot of the different people, finding my way around, all those sort of things and really being present to the opportunity I have at hand which I feel really blessed to have.

OMC: Is there a thing or an event that you have thought about that you would like to...

TO: Irish Fest! I actually went to Irish Fest when I was younger. I haven't been there in years.

My family is Irish, we're Irish and English, and we love Irish Fest. We do cheers and toasts and really celebrate our Irish heritage in style in my hometown of Waverly.

I'm so, so excited to go to Irish Fest again. I think my whole family'll probably come down too. Roadtrip it.

OMC: I assume they're all excited for you.

TO: Oh yeah. My mom is a little sad, of course, like any parent. But she's been really excited. She came in, helped me move, and so did my brothers and they just really feel comfortable with the area and the people because everybody has been so kind so far.

OMC: I think that should do it.

TO: Don't you want any fun little tidbits?

OMC: Whadda you got? Give me something that's really embarassing.

TO: Really embarassing? No, but my family collects Hamm's Beer memorabilia. That's a big thing.

I'm a ping-pong fan, too. That was my only bummer when I came is I have not seen a ping-pong table around the station yet. I have my own paddle.

OMC: One thing I didn't ask was: Vikings or Packers?

TO: I'm not really a big football fan, I'm a huge baseball fan, and I don't feel like I'm cheating on the Twins.

One of my very close friends, she's a very die-hard Packers fan. She's like, "You just wait, you're going to come over to the other side." I figured, you never know, I could get swept up in it.

I can kind of admit the only thing I've ever really watched is the Super Bowl and I do it for the appetizers.

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buck | Nov. 13, 2009 at 1:47 p.m. (report)

a pageant contestant named ogle? classic!

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LegallyBlonde | Nov. 12, 2009 at 5:11 p.m. (report)

Welcome to Milwaukee, Tiffany!

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