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Colton and a lucky lady aren't the only ones who will come away a winner this season.

Bet on "The Bachelor" with SportClub's Bachelor Fantasy League

Time to pop open a bottle of rose and pass out roses, because "The Bachelor" is back – and Colton, a special lucky lady and Chris Harrison's ego won't be the only winners this season thanks to SportClub.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 7, SportClub will host a Bachelor Fantasy League, getting you in on the "Bachelor" competition without having to live in a mansion with 29 drunk reality show wannabes, hang out in questionable hot tubs or wear a chicken suit for attention.

To get into the league, just email your name to along with four contestants before the season premiere at 7 p.m. on Monday night. Then, each week throughout the season, your chosen ladies will try to score points in several categories – from two points for interrupting another contestant's one-on-one time (bonus points for saying "steal Colton away") to 10 points for earning a rose and, of course, 100 points for winning Colton's heart (and Neil Lane's ring) at the end of the show.

There's a prize each week – including wine and gift cards – as well as a grand prize for the person whose four contestants racked up the most points. A prize much better than a virginal former football player, in my opinion.

As a fan of the show (or, to be accurate, a fan of drinking during the show) and an even bigger fan of winning things, sure, I'll hop into the fray. Here are my four picks:

1. Annie: I've got a good vibe that Annie makes it far into this season of "The Bachelor," mostly because of her early interactions with Colton on "Ellen" last year when she flirted to victory against two other contestants, scoring some bonus time with the bachelor before the show even began. And also mostly because she's from Mequon. A Sconnie girl wouldn't let me down!

2. Hannah B.: Colton's got a real thing for Alabama, which makes sense because he was born in Indiana, grew up and went to school in Illinois and played pro football in San Diego, Philadelphia and Oakland – all profoundly not in Alabama! But oddly enough, a number of his contestants are from or at least have connections to the Heart of Dixie. So amongst all these Bama-centric ladies, who better to fall for than Miss Alabama 2018?

3. Caitlin: I think she's got a good shot to make it deep into the show – which I imagine would cause a lot of tears when she and Colton discuss the fact that she lives in Canada. Or maybe I'm just still haunted by the Nick/Vanessa tiffs from the Sconnie native's season. No matter the case, CRY SO I CAN BE HAPPY!

4. Catherine: I doubt Catherine will make it to the finale, but she's a prime candidate to rack up points as one of the season's villains. She's a DJ – and I just don't trust DJs – her stage name is DJ Agro which sounds an awful lot like aggressive (hmmmmm) and she says things like, "You don't put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari," when asked why she doesn't have tattoos. I plan on using her to score all the "I'm not here to make friends" points.

So be sure to pick your four champion contestants, send them along to SportClub to enter into the Bachelor Fantasy League and be sure to watch every Monday night – at SportClub for wine and bubbly specials as well as five bonus points.


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