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T is for Twitter, that's good enough for him.

The day I fell down a Sesame Street Twitter rabbit hole

Wait, Cookie Monster is on Twitter and nobody told me?!

It's clearly an official account. I can tell not just by the blue checkmark, but because the profile reads, "Me official. Me love cookies! Me officially love cookies," and we know only the real Cookie Monster talks that way.

And 156,000 of you knew?! Me sad.

Luckily, I found out in time to wish the blue television icon a happy birthday today.

I couldn't help but notice that Cookie, being so beloved not only around the globe but also on his own block, received numerous birthday tweets from his Sesame Street neighbors and definitely not a poor social media intern who had to log into all those accounts and send all those greetings to essentially himself.

My incredibly adult fall down this fuzzy rabbit hole (I blame fatherhood, before which I'd never even heard of Abby Cadabby) led me to also notice that the number of Twitter followers for each Sesame Street character varies widely, creating a sort of barometer of their popularity – at least among the digitalerati, or whatever you call people who fritter away their days on social media. You know, people like me (*sings* "Can you tell me how to get, how to get my attention back to my work").

Here are the current standings:

  • Cookie Monster, 156,000
  • Elmo, 77,500
  • Big Bird, 61,200
  • Count von Count, 50,500
  • Oscar the Grouch, 58,000
  • Grover, 33,700
  • Ernie, 21,700
  • Bert, 17,800
  • Abby Cadabby, 10,000
  • Snuffleupagus, 3,800

Zoe, Telly, Rosita and Ernie's rubber ducky have, perhaps wisely, thought better of maintaining a Twitter presence.

As for my taking the time to dig into this hard-hitting and important data ...


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