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Could you pick just one show to watch for the rest of the year?

What if you could only watch one show?

What if you had to choose just one show to watch for the rest of the year? Just one piece of programming. One. Only one.

What route would you take? A series you love? A Netflix binge? A talk show? News? Sports? An HBO standby?

In our home, there's one TV and many other devices. They are all packed full of content and programming options. Yet, I mainly watch sports, and as a family, we only have one, maybe two shows that we attempt to watch together on a regular basis. If you're wondering, "Black-ish" and "Shark Tank" take the cake for our family. And, we hope to finish the final season of the highly entertaining "Gortimor Gibbon's Life on Normal Street" soon.

Looking at my habits, I don't scroll or channel surf. I don't watch local or national news. The only reason we have cable is for access to live and mainly local sports. Our kids (6 and 10) watch a handful of shows on their devices, but TV isn't central to their habits.

I do enjoy and appreciate great programming, though. And there are so many amazing options today. So, I do my best to watch the following shows:

"Real Time with Bill Maher"
"60 Minutes"
"Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel"
"My Next Guest" with David Letterman

And, then it's just sports, Bucks and Marquette mainly. That's my TV world.

But, to finally get to my question: If I had to pick only one show to consume? I think it would be HBO's "Real Sports."

It's always entertaining, topical, thought-provoking and tackles issues that need to be tackled. I like the variety, the profiles, the reporters and host, and don't even mind the occasional preachiness and tearjerker of a story. It's won multiple Emmy awards for many reasons. It's simply a great show, and I can't think of an episode that I haven't enjoyed and learned something from.

The series airs monthly, and each hour-long edition contains four segments. All are engaging and unique. It's my pick.

What's yours?


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