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Dame Arya. (PHOTO: Twitter/Robert Littal)

"Game of Thrones" memes light up Twitter following the Battle of Winterfell

Oh, Arya Stark. How I disgraced thee.

By comparing you to Giannis Antetokounmpo earlier this month, I thought I was doing you a favor. Little did I know that Giannis would come up short on Sunday in a big spot, while you turned in one of the most epic pop culture moments in television history.

No one is supposed to be able to do the Night King like this:

Turns out, "no one" is Arya Stark.

There are no words to describe Arya's two-handed cold-blooded slaughter. Only memes. Let's dive into the social media carnage from Sunday.

For starters, let's all pour some out for Oklahoma City's Paul George. The basketball-GOT comparisons did not start and stop with Giannis and Arya.

Not only did Portland's Damian Lillard splash a 37-foot buzzer-beater in his face last week, George has also now become the anchor for any and all Night King jokes, while Dame has been paired with the beloved Arya.

And as soon as Arya dropped the dagger into her off-hand, it was reminiscent of Michael Jordan's iconic hand-switch in the 1991 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. The internet certainly took notice. The diminutive assassin is built with the stuff of legends.

The NFL was not going to let the NBA have all the Arya fun though, as the New York Jets made their best pick-up since Joe Namath in 1965.

Meanwhile, former NFL Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster and friends celebrated the Winterfell win with all the exuberance of a Super Bowl victory.

It is downright impossible to scroll through one's Twitter feed without stumbling upon a "Titanic" crossover video, the recently discovered bar celebration meme or a greatest of all-time (GOAT) discussion. Naturally, all three came into play on Sunday night.

Since the "Game of Thrones" pilot, Arya has been one of the most fascinating characters on the show. But Sunday's "The Long Night" episode vaulted her into another stratosphere, all but guaranteeing Maisie Williams' Westerosi persona will stand the test of time.

Now that Arya has felled the Night King and his posse of White Walkers, uncertainty is the only certainty for the remaining three GOT episodes. But here's guessing we'll still have our fair share of Arya moments down the stretch, as well as – fingers crossed – another meme explosion whenever Cersei dies, whether it's at the hand of the foreshadowed Arya, the prophesized Jaime and Tyrion, the dragon-riding Jon and Daenerys, or some other unexpected, off-the-board character.


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