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"Eat Up" is one of the six Film Feast selections coming your way in October.

Milwaukee Film Festival announces its Film Feast program selections

The menu of movie selections for the upcoming Milwaukee Film Festival just continues to grow, with the festival serving up its lineups for its retrospectives as well as its Art & Artists, Sportsball! and Cinema Hooligante programs.

And that's just the first course of this cinematic meal, as the festival also recently announced (in case the dining puns haven't given it away) its Film Feast selections with the help of Milwaukee Magazine. This year, the category includes six movies ranging from inspiring documentaries to uplifting dramas, impeccably crafted chocolates and cherry wine to eating dozens upon dozens of hot dogs without even thinking. And they all look scrumptious.

Here's the lineup:


All young 12-year-old Abe wants to do explore his newfound passion for cooking. But thanks to his family – including a Jewish grandparent on one hand and two Palestinian grandparents on the other – his fun hobby has turned into a battleground as both sides attempt to use his new love for food into a reason to hate. But he's cooking up a solution to his family's problems: a special fusion dinner to bring them together, as opposed to apart.

"A Cherry Tale"

"Somm." "A Year in Burgundy." "Brewmaster." There's always at least one wine or booze-related selection at the Milwaukee Film Festival to get you thirsting for movies as well as a merlot to wash them down. And 2019 will be no different as the Food Fight category includes "A Cherry Tale," a documentary about three wine entrepreneurs who create a cherry wine in southern Denmark – and that's just the start of their vino adventure.

"Eat Up"

That greasy square pizza. That mysterious meat patty doused in an even more mysterious gravy. We all remember the days of hot lunch at school – try as we might to forget the unhealthy and altogether unappetizing options. "Eat Up," however, follows a year in Boston's public schools as they attempt to cook up something new for the children relying on their food: a new model for lunch dishes that are healthy for kids while also making them happy.

"The Good, The Bad, The Hungry"

Does competitive hot dog eating count as a sport? I certainly support classifying it as such (if only to make me feel better about my own hot dog destroying dining habits). But if you need further convincing, check out this documentary deep dive into the famous Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – held annually on the Fourth of July in Coney Island – the mighty contestants who compete and the even mightier appetites that fuel them. Highly recommend eating before this one – or, considering the bread and sausage-splattered aftermath of these annual contests, maybe not.

"Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy"

Diana Kennedy is a culinary legend, a 95-year-old British ex-pat who moved to Mexico and became an expert on the local cuisine and customs, transforming into a kind of culinary stenographer documenting the local cooking practices and generations-old recipes into cookbooks while giving back to the country and the people who've given her so much life and love. "Nothing Fancy" tells her story – and surely serves up some tasty food porn on the side as well.

"Setting the Bar: A Craft Chocolate Origin Story"

A swell choice for any sweet tooth in the crowd, the documentary "Setting the Bar" follows a group of craft chocolate makers adventuring into the Peruvian Amazon to find a rare breed of cacao for their sweet treats. Along the way, the discover much more than chocolate, finding an environmental story about sustainable and responsible farming and locals creating an entire industry in a small village. And also they find chocolate. Definitely a viewing experience that will require some Milk Duds or Sno Caps from the vending stand.

Of course, this is all just the appetizer. The main course – the Milwaukee Film Festival itself – will be served next month beginning Oct. 17 through Oct. 31. For information on passes and ticket packages, visit Milwaukee Film's website. And for more updates on the festival's films and then some, stay tuned to OnMilwaukee.


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