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Classic Aaron Rodgers, scrambling out of the pocket.

Which charred corpse was Aaron Rodgers on last night's "Game of Thrones"?

It'll still be months before Aaron Rodgers hits the football field, but last night he hit a different type of field – the battlefield – as a part of the penultimate episode of "Game of Thrones."

The Green Bay Packers star quarterback teased his cameo appearance late last week, but between the hundreds of extras getting singed, fried, trampled, stabbed, slashed, crushed or some combination of the bunch, even eagle-eyed viewers could've easily missed the former NFL MVP and current GoT superfan's brief appearance on the HBO smash hit. But here he supposedly was, according to Twitter:

That's allegedly number 12 in the middle of the shot, preparing fight in the name of ... Cersei Lannister? I never imagined saying this about Aaron Rodgers, but you're on the wrong team.

Let's see how that went for him:

Welp, hope the Packers have a good backup lined up because I don't think he's coming back from (*looks at injury report*) getting sacked by a wall of fire and turning into a charred corpse. And we thought the Anthony Barr hit was rough.

Here's a bonus bit talking to Aaron Rodgers about his cameo role and how he disappeared into his character of Soon-To-Be-Dead Soldier #19:

And while he was no misplaced Starbucks coffee cup, the internet did its internet thing and made Aaron Rodgers of King's Landing into a meme.

There's still debate online over whether that's actually the Packers star – but no matter who he is, judging by the job Dany did on King's Landing, Rodgers is obviously on the DL (the dead list) somewhere alongside "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" star Rob McElhenney and "Silicon Valley" star Martin Starr. Hopefully he recovers in time for the regular season opener on Sept. 5 against the Chicago Bears.


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