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Louisville's charms
This summer, I returned to Louisville - a city I've visited a handful of times - for the first time in more than a dozen years. Here are some of the many charms I discovered (or rediscovered) and what I recommend you check out when you go. Surely, you'll go, right?
Hotel Metro
When the John W. Mariner Building opened on Mason and Milwaukee in the waning months of 1937 it was heralded as an immediate landmark of design and comfort. The same was true when Hotel Metro opened in the building in 1998. Now, 20 years later, the hotel is about to get a refresh.
Lodge Kohler GB
Headed to Green Bay for a Packers' fix? Here are seven reasons to make Lodge Kohler your home base next time to hit Green Bay.
Enderis Playfield
In addition to the "green necklace" of Milwaukee County Parks draped so alluringly around the area, MPS owns 52 neighborhood playfields that add a dose of green space - and fun - to some Milwaukee neighborhoods. One of those is Enderis Playfield, a New Deal-era gem built by the WPA.