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View from the border
Three weeks ago, I was at the border with a trio of rabbis, a national group of 20 leaders of Jewish Community Relations Councils and Elana Kahn of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. We were there to bear witness and to get a better understanding of the issues and the history that led to the current immigration crisis. We were also looking for ideas of what we can do to help.
Bucks Offseason
Summer lasts a little longer for basketball players. Even so, it's important to see what's been happening in their lives. Maybe one of them had a kid. Maybe one of them is going to have a kid. Whatever it is, here's what happened.
Joy Powers
Lake Geneva native Joy Powers has taken a circuitous route to get back to Wisconsin. The "Lake Effect" producer and reporter worked in and out of radio, including a stint at WBEZ in Chicago, before joining the staff at 89.7 WUWM.
Three Brothers
The stories of Milwaukee's longest-lived and most iconic restaurants are, like the story of the city itself - and, indeed, of the United States - are the stories of immigrants. Nowhere is that more apparent than at Three Brothers in Bay View.