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Von Trier
This week, Lori Fredrich is reporting on brand new fish fry from a classic East Side venue.
MKE Rock and Roll book
"Milwaukee Rock and Roll, 1950-2000: A Reflective History," edited by Bruce Cole, David Luhrssen and Phillip Naylor, will be officially launched Thursday, Dec. 19 in an 8 p.m. event at Boswell Book Co., 2559 N. Downer Ave.
Wine & spirit suggestions
The holidays are upon us and you want not only to enjoy a good bottle of wine or a nice warming spirit, but also to make a good impression on your guests or hosts at holiday dinners and parties, right? Here are a few suggestions to help make it all happen and make everyone happy.
The Tom & Jerry
There are few holiday traditions more classic than the enjoyment of a Tom & Jerry, eggnog's sexy, spicy, warming cousin.