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  Cafe Benelux (map)
346 N. Broadway Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 501-2500
  Visit the Cafe Benelux web site
  Carini's La Conca d'Oro (map)
3468 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 963-9623   fax: (414) 963-9791
  Visit the Carinis La Conca dOro web site
  Cascio Interstate Music (map)
13819 W. National Ave., New Berlin
(262) 789-7600
  Visit the Cascio Interstate Music web site
  Cavalry Games and Hobbies (map)
511 East Silver Spring Dr., Whitefish Bay
(414) 961-9100   fax: (111) 111-1111
  Visit the Cavalry Games and Hobbies web site   E-Mail Cavalry Games and Hobbies
  Cedar Creek Antiques & Collectibles (map)
N70 W6340 Bridge Rd., Cedarburg
(262) 377-2204
  Visit the Cedar Creek Antiques & Collectibles web site
  Cedar Creek Pottery (map)
N70 W6340 Bridge Rd., Cedarburg
(262) 375-1226
  Visit the Cedar Creek Pottery web site
  Cedar Creek Settlement (map)
N70 W6340 Bridge Road , Cedarburg
(262) 377-4763
  Visit the Cedar Creek Settlement web site   E-Mail Cedar Creek Settlement
  Central Greens (map)
470 N. StoryHill Pl. ( 51st &Bluemond), Milwaukee
(414) 302-9495
  Visit the Central Greens web site   E-Mail Cedar Creek Settlement   E-Mail Central Greens
  Cermak Fresh Market (map)
1541 Miller Park Way, Milwaukee
(414) 988-9051
  Visit the Cermak Fresh Market web site
  Chattel Changers (map)
2520 E. Capitol Dr., Shorewood
(414) 961-7085
  Visit the Chattel Changers web site
  Chocolate Tree (map)
1048 N. Old World 3rd St., Milwaukee
(414) 271-5774
  Visit the Chocolate Tree web site
  City Life Boutique (map)
1323 N. 12th St., Milwaukee
(414) 342-8001
  Visit the City Life Boutique web site
  Clear Water Outdoor (map)
250 N. Water St., Milwaukee

  Visit the Clear Water Outdoor web site
  Clicks (map)
1916 E. Capitol Dr., Shorewood
(414) 539-4732
  Clock Shadow Creamery (map)
538 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee
(414) 273-9711
  Visit the Clock Shadow Creamery web site   E-Mail Clock Shadow Creamery
  Closet Classics - North Ave. (map)
1000 East North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 265-1950   fax: (414) 332-4755
  Visit the Closet Classics - North Ave. web site
  Closet Classics - Oakland Ave. (map)
4503 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 963-4300   fax: (414) 332-4755
  Visit the Closet Classics - Oakland Ave. web site
  Coast In Bikes (map)
838 S. 1st St., Milwaukee
(414) 502-7259
  Cocoon Room (map)
820 E. Locust St., Milwaukee

  Visit the Cocoon Room web site
  ConsignAway, LLC (map)
P.O. Box 165, Germantown
(414) 651-2815   fax: (262) 314-1144
  Visit the ConsignAway, LLC web site   E-Mail ConsignAway, LLC

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