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Why not use your phone for a call?

A phone call without purpose can have great purpose

Technology make life better. No doubt about it. But many people will remind us that technology isn't a substitution for soul. So what is?

Connections and community building matter more every day, and our networks, families and social platforms help us better associate and relate to one another. But, one simple act - one that's fallen a bit out of favor - can go a long way. What's that act? A phone call.

Yes, a phone call. It's a lost art for many of us. Texts, messaging, WhatsApp, e-mail and a multitude of other products and platforms have made it "easier" to reach out and make happen what we need to make happen.

So, it was great last week when I got two "just calling to say hello" phone calls. Both from people I see often but haven't talked to for an extended period of time. It was nice, welcomed and truly appreciated.

A phone call without purpose - "just saying hi, and what's up?" Do it now. Pick someone in your phone that you haven't talked with in months. A friend, business contact, family member, your insurance agent - whomever. Call him/her now - right now. And, for no reason other than just to say hello.


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