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Riding the ferris wheel is just one fun thing to do at the Wisconsin State Fair. (PHOTO: Visit Milwaukee)

100 things to do at the State Fair

Looking to make the most of this year's Wisconsin State Fair? Look no further, because the folks here at OnMilwaukee have 100 things you just have to do while on the fairgrounds this year. From pig races to Sno-Cones to fire juggles and cream puffs, there's something for everyone, so take a look!

  1. Have a cream puff and a beer before 10 a.m. Repeat the combination after 10 p.m.
  2. Watch Donald Driver make cream puffs on Aug. 11
  3. Save $10 (or more) on parking and bike to the fair
  4. Sample the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association's All American Cran-On-A-Stick
  5. Watch for the Strolling Street Entertainers throughout the Fair
  6. Try out a deep-fried old fashioned at Trinity Three Irish Pubs' stand
  7. Listen to Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard – all covered by your favorite local bar bands
  8. Take a tractor for a spin
  9. Re-experience high school and see John Mellencamp, Aug. 4, on the main stage
  10. Visit the Swine Barn, because where else can you see pigs that big?
  11. Sample a variety of fair foods on Tuesday, Aug. 8 for the "Crazy Grazin' Day," when you can sample more than 50 food items in a smaller size
  12. Get your handwriting analyzed
  13. Have an artist draw a caricature of your kids
  14. Ride the Giant Slide
  15. Two words: Saz's Pig Races!
  16. Watch Native American drummers
  17. Cheer on the Kids from Wisconsin. They are our future!
  18. Run away with a carnie
  19. Watch infomercials come to life inside the Expo
  20. Point out to a stranger that "It's not the heat, it's the humidity"
  21. Skip the gym and walk the 200-acre fairgrounds instead
  22. Check out men in skirts, AKA the bagpipers
  23. Veterans, military members and their families can get in free on Sunday, Aug. 5
  24. Keep track of fanny packs and Zubaz pants
  25. Buy some salt water taffy
  26. Find out what Chinese Acrobatics are all about
  27. Visit Monty's reptiles and meet the giant freak-of-nature alligator
  28. Munch some roasted nuts
  29. Shop for Egyptian jewelry
  30. Buy cotton candy for a child under the age of 7
  31. Cool off with a Sno-cone
  32. Learn about State Fairs past at the history display in the Expo Center
  33. Stick your finger in an award-winning pie
  34. Cheer the daily parade
  35. Look for local legends like "Freeway"
  36. Heckle the on-air staff at the WTMJ radio booth
  37. Meet the mummies at the Bank Mutual Amphitheater on Aug. 4 from 8:30 to 10 p.m.
  38. Have a Miller or a Bud – the Fair sells both
  39. Indulge with Chilled Cookie Dough on a stick in Dipped Coating
  40. Go on a 10-mile hike to work off the Chilled Cookie Dough, deep-fried Snickers, etc.
  41. Make out on the ferris wheel
  42. Get a non-alcoholic pina colada at the El Campeon
  43. Soar 280 feet in the air on the ejection seat
  44. Watch the fish at the DNR's Natural Resources Park
  45. Eat a potato with all the fixins from the Wisconsin Potato Producers on the new Potato Patio, adjacent to its location in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion
  46. Shop for a deal on a hot tub
  47. Cheer on the marine life at the Sea Lion Splash
  48. All-you-can-eat pancakes, all day, every day ... at the Machine Shed Restaurant
  49. Borrow the neighbor's kid and take another ride down the Giant Slide
  50. Veggie races ... cucumbers on wheels, baby!
  51. Head to Saz's and raise a glass
  52. Buy a VitaMix
  53. Scarf down some mini-donuts
  54. Air-brush your sweetie's name on a T-shirt
  55. People watch. You won't be disappointed
  56. Watch the fire jugglers. Tip liberally, because they juggle fire
  57. Try the famous Wisconsin cheese curds ... as big as potato pancakes
  58. Have a few beers and go record your own music single
  59. Budlight Baggo
  60. Show off your guns in the bench press competition on Aug. 12 at 11 a.m.
  61. Check out the milking demonstrations at the House of Moo ... cows and goats
  62. Enjoy the beauty of the Budweiser Clydesdales
  63. Watch Michelle's Magical Poodles at the World Cafe Stage
  64. See how many people you can spot eating a cream puff. How many do it correctly, by unscrewing the top?
  65. Call in your order and pick up cream puffs at the drive-thru
  66. Snag some great recipes in the Wisconsin Product Pavilion
  67. Enjoy ice cold milk at the Milwaukee Bucks Milk House
  68. Look at sculptured bonsai, orchids, dinner plate sized dahlias and more
  69. Sample all the Sporkies nominees and vote for your favorite
  70. Keep from overheating with a beercicle from Pabst Blue Ribbon Park
  71. Beware of Aqua Net if you check out the fire jugglers
  72. Count plaid shirts in and outside of the barns
  73. See if the kids working in the barns are listening to country music or hip-hop
  74. Check out the agricultural judging events
  75. Challenge the psychics to guess your correct age, weight or birthday
  76. Splurge for an imported beer
  77. Rock The Mile with Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Steve Augeri of Journey and more on Aug. 10 at the main stage
  78. Enter the wrist wrestling competition at the Activity Stage (Aug. 6, at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.)
  79. Grab some Cajun Sausage on a Stick at Thunder Bay Grille
  80. Stop by for breakfast on your way to work; the Fair opens at 8 a.m. each day
  81. The Wisconsin Wine Garden has a wide selection of Sconnie wines; try them all
  82. Check out all the adorable animals ... dogs, bunnies, chicks, piglets, horses and more
  83. Ante up at the Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction. Invite friends over for a giant BBQ
  84. Two words: Mobile Tours
  85. Hop on the Sky Glider as a way to avoid the crowds. Laugh at all the flip-flops, sunglasses and cell phones that have been dropped on building roofs
  86. Spend an evening with the Beach Boys on the main stage, Aug. 6
  87. Count the people carrying either a ladder, huge purple gorilla or two mops
  88. Visit massage stations throughout the park
  89. Get a little bit country with Kip Moore on Aug. 5 at the main stage
  90. Take the kiddies to the Badgerland Financial Discovery Barnyard
  91. Grab your friends, head to The Micro, try to kill a keg and then please Uber home
  92. Count the mullets
  93. Step back in time with Vanilla Ice, Kid 'n Play, Coolio and more during I Love The 90s night on Aug. 9 at the main stage
  94. Talk to people partying outside their RV
  95. Bust out your trucker hat
  96. Jam out to nothing but voices at Pentatonix on Aug. 8 at the main stage
  97. Sample the Grand Champion "eats & treats" at the Grand Champion Hall Stage on Aug. 10
  98. Buy a State Fair bargain book and save big all fair long
  99. See 17-year-old singer, songwriter and actress Sabrina Carpenter at the main stage on Aug. 11
  100. Pay to park in someone's front yard


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