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If I get desperate, I know someone - or at least a little free library - who can spare a square.

In tough times, good people stand up - we are truly all #inthistogethermke

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In the past couple days, I find myself (subconsciously?) focusing on the positive.

Like yesterday, I shared this bit of news, that makes me proud, though I'm keeping quiet the names of those involved because I don't think they're in it for the publicity. And that's also what makes them good people in tough times.

Then today, while walking the dog, I stopped to check out the wares at a Little Free Library in a neighborhood near mine. I was seeking some unexpected gem to read but instead found this...

While the world is hoarding toilet paper, this good person is willing to just stick a fresh roll right out there for anyone to take, along with some food items and, of course, reading material.

What we do doesn't have to be outsized. It can be a simple gesture. A hand extended to a friend, a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of chocolate sauce in a little free library, or even some simple words of encouragement to say we're not out there all alone.

Out on a daily run the other day, I was pleased to look down and find this positive message elaborately chalked onto a Pasadena neighborhood sidewalk in Tosa ...

... I know it wasn't meant only for me, but it was meant, at least in part for me, even though I don't know the artist.

I hope that you and I can be like these folks: good people in tough times. Because, it's true that we're all #inthistogethermke


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