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GoGedders podcast host Richie Burke shares his story of overcoming anxiety.

How to overcome anxiety day-by-day

A couple weeks ago, I flew without taking anxiety medication for the first time in two and a half years. After getting back from the airport, I hesitantly opened up and shared my story in a Facebook post. I didn't know what to expect, but after I hit the post button, likes and comments started racking up like nothing I have ever seen on my page before. I was blown away by the response, especially by the number of people who I hadn't talked to in years that reached out to me to share a similar experience, to thank me for posting and to ask questions about recovery.

I quickly learned that my problems with anxiety weren't as unique as I thought they were. In fact, it became apparent that many people are going through their own version of what I am going through.

Due to the response from sharing parts of my journey with anxiety, I decided to do a solo podcast for the first time ever to really open up about my history with anxiety, my panic attacks, what caused me to make a change and the specific tactics I have used to get better.

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