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FOMO is no fun.

Are we still having FOMO or no?

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Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a real thing, and something that has been exacerbated by social media. Nothing stings like seeing a Facebook photo of a few of your pals eating brunch, smiling into the camera and having a fantastic time without you.

But now we're social distancing and although there are some virtual happy hours and coffee dates it seems less likely that we're feeling like we're missing out on much of anything. Or are we still FOMO-filled?

"I kinda am. I see folks with cooperative kids, making ice cream, having pleasant days. Meanwhile, my 7-year-old is following me around whining while I attempt coffee, only stopping to fight with his sister," says Maria Raboin. "Of all the times to forget Bailey's."

Lisa Malmorowski says although she doesn't have FOMO, she's feeling a new type of envy.

"I don't have FOMO, I have a wee bit of envy about people that aren't having to work. I realize how privileged I am to have a job were I can work at home, so then I feel guilty. Is there a word for envy + guilt? I'm sure that if I couldn't work I'd be upset about that. Ugh. I'm 100 percent that whiny-ass," says Malmorowski.

Other people, however, actually feel social relief from the distancing. Some people admit to feeling "off the hook" and "enjoying the lack of plans."

"I totally felt FOMO lift from my shoulders day one," says Beth Eaton.

Humans are social creatures and yet many of us have social anxiety, too. How about you, feeling FOMO or no?


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