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Few Milwaukee roofs are more iconic than this one.

Getting high: 19 Milwaukee rooftop views

Once, a reader suggested setting my sites on Milwaukee's rooftops. I admit I didn't immediately see the allure. But after spending a couple years climbing up every flight of stairs that has presented itself, I've risen to challenge and peered out across Milwaukee from a number of rooftops. Here are just a few of them.

1. Milwaukee Arena

Typically, the first thing that grabs your attention as you step out onto a rooftop is the view out toward the city, where we seek out landmarks. In the case of the Arena, it was most exciting being close enough to touch the iconic arches.

2. Bartlett Avenue firehouse

The roof of this 19th century Sebastian Brand-designed firehouse, now owned by a moving and storage company, affords an interesting view of the backside of central peak of the building's facade.

3. Old Pabst Brewery silos

The former silos at the old Pabst Brewery site offer one of the highest perches on the western edge of Downtown, as well as a peek down at the old German Methodist Church that, I'll say it again, would make a great small music venue. Jazz club in Milwaukee, anyone?

4. Charles Allis Museum

Sometimes a rooftop is cool for the views it offers of other buildings. In the case of the Charles Allis Museum, the best view is of the detailed work Alexander Eschweiler invested even in the backsides of chimneys that he must've wondered if anyone would even really get to see.

5. Gas Light Building

Like the Allis, the Wisconsin Gas Light Building -- another Eschweiler creation -- has great views of the city, but the best view is when you turn around and look at the building itself.

6. Hilton City Center

I know, I know, I'm hammering home this point. But, again, why look away when you can look toward. Here's the back side of the giant Hilton sign Downtown.

7. Milorganite plant

OK, here's a case where there's not a ton to see on the roof itself, but the view from the Jones Island Milorganite plant roof just might be the best one of Downtown and the Hoan Bridge together. If you prefer, zoom in to avoid getting the sewage treatment plant in the frame.

8. Milwaukee Art Museum

Is there a more iconic roof in Milwaukee than this one (OK, maybe the Gas Light flame)?

9. Milwaukee Public Library

The roof of the Central Library addition is green...

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brynjohnson | Aug. 15, 2017 at 8:22 a.m. (report)

Do you know if any of these locations are open to the public/has availability for events?

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