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Teen scenes stir up summer fun

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Living in Milwaukee can be an enjoyable and fun place to live if you know how to utilize your time. During the winter, there aren't many things to do in Milwaukee but when summer hits there are many options to choose from.

There are a lot of places for teens to hangout in the city. With the construction of new entertainment facilities, renovating playgrounds and basketball courts, it's easy for teens to occupy their time. One of the places for teens to hang at is the club. When teens want to experience the nightlife they can attend teenage clubs such as the Amistad, the Jungle and Area 414. These are some of the big-name clubs for teens to attend, have a good time with their peers and meet new people. All three clubs do not let out until 1-1:30 a.m.

The Amistad is located at 2342 W. North Ave. This club host teens every day of the week and it's a wonderful place to hangout. If you want to just have a good time with your friends and have nothing to worry about, this is the place to go.

The Jungle is located in downtown Milwaukee, 618 N. Broadway, and only allows people between the ages of 17-21 to attend. The Jungle is a little bit more of a grown-up place for older teens. If you want to meet new and older teens that are on your level, this is the club for you.

The Area 414 is located at 6263 N. Teutonia Ave. and hosts everyone from teens to adults. The Area 414 hosts adults all the time but sometimes they have teen night. This is one of the biggest clubs in Milwaukee that features concerts as well. Area 414 patrons have seen performances from Jay-Z to Faith Evans to the Ying Yang Twins, as well as local talent.

Other things to do besides club hop are going to the movies, playing basketball, joining The Boys and Girls Club or going to different parks like McGovern Park, Lincoln Park and Washington Park. At the park, you can play basketball, have a big cookout, have a family gathering, play baseball, go swimming on a hot day, play on the playground, etc.

If going to the movies is more favorable, you can go with a friend to places like AMC Mayfair 18, NorthTown Cinemas, Southgate Cinemas and Budget Cinemas.


OMCreader | Dec. 20, 2005 at 12:06 a.m. (report)

rickey said: do you have web sites to these clubs or numbers?

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