Nevermore Theatre [edit]
P.O. Box 214
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(414) 278-0765
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Description [edit]
Think of it as storytelling with a dash of the minimal. From classic works to new scripts, we're dedicated to offering intimately staged productions... without making a scene. Massive designs? Expensive tickets? Not here. Just inspired performers and an audience. Everything essential for great theatre... nothing more. Nevermore.

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"Hamlet" should be a hit for Nevermore What is a blog?  For us it is a short blurb that we write when the mood strikes us.  It can be first person, funny or informative. In short, a blog is whatever we want it to be.

By Dave Begel - Dec. 31, 2006
Nevermore's production of "Hamlet" should be a bonanza for viewers who like good … Read more...