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The late Robert Indiana's "LOVE" can be found at the far east end of Wisconsin Avenue.

Here's where to find all of the Sculpture Milwaukee 2018 art pieces

While crews have been hard at work putting the pieces in place for the past month, today marked the official opening day of Sculpture Milwaukee, for the second straight year scattering almost two dozen pieces of renowned public art down Wisconsin Avenue and turning Downtown's main drag into an incredible outdoor art exhibit.

Most of the pieces – including a famous "LOVE" sculpture from the late Robert Indiana, who also designed the iconic MECCA court – are new. Some, like "Mood Sculpture" and "Zach's Tower," are remainder from last year's inaugural edition. And one definitely looks like two MTV Moon Men awards on a date. But they all will make Wisconsin Avenue a fascinating place to explore and take a stroll this summer (until Oct. 21).

To help on your hunt, here's where you'll be able to find each of the new artworks gracing the newly be-sculptured Downtown destination.

1. "LOVE"

Artist: Robert Indiana

Where: In front of the Northwestern Mutual Tower at the corner of E. Wisconsin Ave. and N. Prospect Ave.

2. "Seer (Alice II)"

Artist: Kiki Smith

Where: In the commons area in front of the Northwestern Mutual Tower on E. Wisconsin Ave.

3. "Reason to Be"

Artist: Jessica Jackson Hutchins

Where: In front of the Betty Brinn Children's Museum at 929 E. Wisconsin Ave.

4. "The Group of Five"

Artist: Magdalena Abakanowicz

Where: 875 E. Wisconsin Ave. (just west of building)

5. "Half Big Suit"

Artist: Erwin Wurm

Where: 777 E. Wisconsin Ave. (in a planter in front of the U.S. Bank Center)

6. "Big Time"

Artist: Richard Deacon

Where: 777 E. Wisconsin Ave. (west side of plaza deck)

7. "Untitled (Burgher with Extended Arm)"

Artist: Liz Glynn

Where: 611 E. Wisconsin Ave.

8. "Blue Bra Girls"

Artist: Ghada Amer

Where: 526 E. Wisconsin Ave. (in a planter in front of Northern Trust)

9. "Bam (Seated Warrior)"

Artist: Sanford Biggers

Where: 500 E. Wisconsin Ave. (in a planter in front of the Milwaukee Club)

10. "Mood Sculpture"

Artist: Tony Tasset

Where: 411 E. Wisconsin Ave.

11. "Nostalgia"

Artist: Yoan Capote

Where: 301 E. Wisconsin Ave. (in front of Powers Jewelers)

12. "Untitled"

Artist: Bosco Sodi

Where: 111 E. Wisconsin Ave. (on the west side of Chase Plaza)

13. "Skew"

Artist: Shana McCaw and Brent Budsberg

Where: 111 E. Wisconsin Ave. (west side of building)

14. "Liberty"

Artist: Hank Willis Thomas

Where: 176 W. Wisconsin Ave. (in front of the Hampton Inn)

15. "Hazmat Love"

Artist: Tom Friedman

Where: 211 W. Wisconsin Ave.

16. "Tower (Gubbio)"

Artist: Sol Lewitt

Where: 310 W. Wisconsin Ave.

17. "97.5º Arc X 9"

Artist: Bernar Venet

Where: 4th Street and Wisconsin Avenue (Wisconsin Center - northwest corner)

18. "Bud (Bronze)"

Artist: Gary Hume

Where: In front of the Wisconsin Center, slightly west of the corner of 4th Street and Wisconsin Avenue

19. "Zach's Tower"

Artist: John Henry

Where: 5th Street and Wisconsin Avenue (southeast corner)

20. "Marker #2"

Artist: Mel Kendrick

Where: Next to the Wisconsin Center on the corner of 5th Street and Wisconsin Avenue (across the street from the Miller Time Pub & Grill and Starbucks)

21. "Stealing Shadows, Michelangelo"

Artist: Ana Prvachi

Where: Currently on hold, but will be installed on the corner of 6th Street and Wisconsin Avenue


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