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  The Brown Bottle (map)
221 W. Galena St., Milwaukee
(414) 539-6450
  Visit the The Brown Bottle web site
  The Fast Foodie (map)
automobile, Milwaukee
(414) 477-8521
  Visit the The Fast Foodie web site   E-Mail The Fast Foodie
  The Green Kitchen (map)
400 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 336-1111
  Visit the The Green Kitchen web site
  The National (map)
839 W. National Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 431-6551
  Visit the The National web site
  The Noble (map)
704 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee
(414) 243-4997
  Visit the The Noble web site   E-Mail The Noble
  The Outpost Market Cafe (map)
945 N. 12th St., Milwaukee

  Visit the The Outpost Market Cafe web site
  Triciclo Peru (map)
3801 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee
(414) 239-8388
  Visit the Triciclo Peru web site
  Tricklebee Cafe (map)
4424 W. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 488-2477
  Visit the Tricklebee Cafe web site

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