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Search results:
  Sal's Pizzeria (map)
2040 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 344-9931
  Sal's Pub & Grill (map)
N88 W16697 Appleton Ave., Menomonee Falls
(262) 250-9900
  Visit the Sals Pub & Grill web site
  SALA (map)
2613 E. Hampshire Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 964-2611
  Visit the SALA web site
  San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana   (map)
838 N. Old World 3rd St., Milwaukee
(414) 276-2876
  Visit the San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana   web site
  Santino's Little Italy (map)
352 E. Stewart St., Bay View
(414) 897-7367
  Visit the Santinos Little Italy web site
  Saraphino's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria (map)
3074 E. Layton Ave., St. Francis
(414) 744-0303
  Visit the Saraphinos Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria web site
  Schneider's Colonial Inn (map)
3717 N. 76th St., Milwaukee
(414) 466-6590
  Scott E's Pub (map)
3800 S. 108th St., Greenfield
(414) 545-7889
  Visit the Scott Es Pub web site
  Scotty's Bar and Pizza (map)
3921 S. Clement Avenue, Milwaukee
(414) 481-7551
  Shaker's (map)
422 S. Second St., Milwaukee
(414) 272-4222
  Visit the Shakers web site
  Shaker's Cigar Bar (map)
422 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee
(414) 272-4222
  Visit the Shakers Cigar Bar web site   E-Mail Shakers Cigar Bar
  Sheer Lounge (map)
N112W16560 Mequon Rd, Germantown
(262) 251-1234
  Visit the Sheer Lounge web site   E-Mail Shakers Cigar Bar   E-Mail Sheer Lounge
  Sherman Phoenix (map)
3536 W. Fond Du Lac Ave., Milwaukee

  Visit the Sherman Phoenix web site
  Slice of NY (map)
700 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(262) 925-1150
  Visit the Slice of NY web site
  Sofia's Restaurant (map)
7030 W. Lincoln Ave., West Allis
(414) 321-8600
  Visit the Sofias Restaurant web site
  SoLo (map)
2856 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 964-2850
  Soprano's Pizza (map)
605 S. 1st., Milwaukee
(414) 269-9539
  Sportsman's Landing (map)
25313 W. Loomis Road, Wind Lake
(262) 895-7991
  Visit the Sportsmans Landing web site   E-Mail Sportsmans Landing
  Sprecher's Pub (map)
5689 N. Bayshore Dr., Milwaukee
(414) 292-0600
  Visit the Sprechers Pub web site
  StoneFire Pizza Co. (map)
5320 S. Moorland Rd., New Berlin
(262) 970-8800
  Visit the StoneFire Pizza Co. web site

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