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  AJs Live (map)
N88W16521 Main Street, Menomonee Falls
(262) 345-7614
  Visit the AJs Live web site   E-Mail AJs Live
  Aldo’s Pizza and Pub (map)
W156 N11058 Pilgrim Road, Germantown
(262) 255-7777
  Visit the Aldo’s Pizza and Pub web site
  Alphonso's Pizza (map)
1119 S. 108th St., West Allis
(414) 755-0341
  Visit the Alphonsos Pizza web site
  Amici's Restorante (map)
1872 State Rd. Hwy. 175, Richfield
(262) 628-9977   fax: (262) 628-9963
  Visit the Amicis Restorante web site
  Andrea's Pizza and Restaurant (map)
7520 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 321-2233
  Ann's Italian Restaurant (map)
5969 S. 108th Place, Hales Corners
(414) 425-5040
  Visit the Anns Italian Restaurant web site
  Balistreri's Bluemound Inn (map)
6501 W. Blue Mound Rd. , Milwaukee
(414) 258-9881
  Visit the Balistreris Bluemound Inn web site
  Balistreri's Ristorante (map)
812 N. 68th St., Wauwatosa
(414) 475-1414
  Visit the Balistreris Ristorante web site
  Balzac (map)
1716 N. Arlington Place, Milwaukee
(414) 755-0099
  Visit the Balzac web site
  Barbiere's Italian Inn (map)
5844 W. Blue Mound Rd. , Wauwatosa
(414) 453-3800
  Bari Pizzeria (map)
5919 W Burnham St., West Allis
(414) 326-9957
  Visit the Bari Pizzeria web site   E-Mail Bari Pizzeria
  Beer Snobs Ale & Eats (map)
122 Cottonwood Ave., Hartland
262- 367-6627
  Visit the Beer Snobs Ale & Eats web site
  Bennolli’s Pizza (map)
615 Main St., Delafield
(262) 646-1016
  Visit the Bennolli’s Pizza web site
  Benny’s Pizza (map)
1102 W. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 384-5500
  Big Dogs Sports Grill (map)
9427 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis
(414) 476-9055
  Visit the Big Dogs Sports Grill web site
  Big Ebe's Pizza (map)
9125 W. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 321-8270
  Visit the Big Ebes Pizza web site
  Blaze Pizza (map)
17530 W. Blue Mound Rd., Brookfield
(262) 754-0999
  Visit the Blaze Pizza web site
  Bobanna's Pizza (map)
1403 Summit Ave., Waukesha
(262) 521-3300
  Visit the Bobannas Pizza web site
  Bradford Beach Concessions (map)
2400 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr., Milwaukee
(414) 530-0945
  Visit the Bradford Beach Concessions web site
  Brewski's Sports Club (map)
304 N. 76th Street, Milwaukee
(414) 475-0500

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