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  600 East Cafe and Business Center (map)
600 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(844) 600-3278
  Visit the 600 East Cafe and Business Center web site
  Amaranth Bakery & Cafe (map)
3329 W. Lisbon Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 934-0587
  American Serb Memorial Hall (map)
5101 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 545-6030
  Visit the American Serb Memorial Hall web site
  Anodyne Cafe (map)
2920 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 489-0765
  Visit the Anodyne Cafe web site
  Anodyne Coffee – Walker's Point (map)
224 E. Bruce St., Milwaukee
(414) 763-1143
  Visit the Anodyne Coffee – Walkers Point  web site
  Antigua Coffee House (map)
813 S. 60th St., West Allis

  Visit the Antigua Coffee House web site
  Arin Bert Coffee & Grill (map)
222 W. Wells St., Milwaukee

  Bella Caffe (map)
189 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee
(414) 273-5620
  Visit the Bella Caffe web site
  Berry Me Frozen Yogurt & Cafe (map)
1320 E. Brady St., Milwaukee
(414) 276-8888

Birdie's Cafe (map)
4110 W. Martin Dr., Milwaukee
(414) 933-9303
  Visit the Birdies Cafe web site
  Blueberries (map)
522 Sixth St., Racine
(262) 637-7609
  E-Mail Blueberries
  Bremen Cafe (map)
901 E. Clarke St., Milwaukee
(414) 431-1932
  Visit the Bremen Cafe web site
  Brew Bayou (map)
1442 W. Wisconsin Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 288-7700
  Visit the Brew Bayou web site
  Brewed Cafe (map)
1208 E. Brady St., Milwaukee
(414) 276-2739
  Visit the Brewed Cafe web site
  Brewing Grounds for Change (map)
2008 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 273-9777
  Bruegger's - Water St. (map)
750 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 272-0202
  Visit the Brueggers - Water St. web site
  Cafe at the Pfister (map)
424 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 273-8222
  Visit the Cafe at the Pfister web site
  Cafe Benelux (map)
346 N. Broadway Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 501-2500
  Visit the Cafe Benelux web site
  Cafe Calatrava (map)
700 N. Art Museum Dr. , Milwaukee
(414) 224-3200
  Visit the Cafe Calatrava web site
  Cafe Ciao (map)
404 E. Silver Spring Dr. , Whitefish Bay
(414) 906-1555

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