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Birdie's Cafe (map)
4110 W. Martin Dr., Milwaukee
(414) 933-9303
  Visit the Birdies Cafe web site
  Blue's Egg (map)
317 N. 76th St., Milwaukee
(414) 299-3182
  Visit the Blues Egg web site
  Cranky Al's Bakery (map)
6901 W. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 258-5282
  Visit the Cranky Als Bakery web site
  Flappers (map)
7527 W. Becher St. , Milwaukee
(414) 431-4381
  Gold Rush Chicken (map)
2625 W North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 933-1717
  Gold Star (map)
5810 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 541-1990
  Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub (map)
1215 N. 10th St., Milwaukee

  Jo's Cafe (map)
3519 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee
(414) 461-0021
  Maria's Pizzaacyqfsavswswsv (map)
5025 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee
414- 543-4606
  McBob's Pub & Grill (map)
4919 W. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 871-5050
  McKiernan's (map)
2066 S. 37th St., Milwaukee
(414) 226-6761
  Visit the McKiernans web site
  Meritage (map)
5921 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee
(414) 479-0620
  Visit the Meritage web site
  Rock Country (map)
11400 W Silver Spring Rd., Milwaukee
(414) 758-5101
  Visit the Rock Country  web site
  Saz's State House (map)
5539 W. State St., Milwaukee
(414) 453-2410   fax: (414) 256-8778
  Visit the Sazs State House web site   E-Mail Sazs State House
  Schneider's Colonial Inn (map)
3717 N. 76th St., Milwaukee
(414) 466-6590
  Sherman Phoenix (map)
3536 W. Fond Du Lac Ave., Milwaukee

  Visit the Sherman Phoenix web site
  TGI Friday's – Miller Park (map)
1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee
(414) 902-4201
  Visit the TGI Fridays – Miller Park web site
  The Ja 'Stacy Restaurant (map)
2370 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Milwaukee
(414) 264-9054
  Tusk (map)
5513 W. North Ave., Milwaukee

  Visit the Tusk web site

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