Paul's Omega Restaurant [edit]
3473 S. 27th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53215
(414) 645-6595
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Description [edit]
This 24-hour family-style eatery has a huge menu packed with Greek and American specialties. Good custard, too.

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Posted by angief on Oct. 20, 2007 at 2:14 p.m. (report)

I will never return to this establishment. I have never been treated so disrespectfully in my life. Male chauvanist pigs run this establishment and have no respect for women who have an education and a career. The food and service was good, however the host and manager accused my friend and I of being loud and foul mouthed. We were talking about our opinion of the upcoming election and the issues. We did not use profanity and we both were losing our voices due to bugs going around. When we asked the host to empty our ashtray he got in my friend's face-literally in her face- and told her not to get smart with him. When he walked away, the manager got in her face and began YELLING at her for no reason. The server even agreed with us that they were acting in a harrassing manner and apologized to us. When we told them we would never return, they replied good, so I will make it a point to let everyone know to go to Zebb's across the Street since Omega has no concept of customer service and no concept of the First Amendment!

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