Benihana Japanese Steakhouse [edit]
850 N. Plankinton Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53203
(414) 270-0890
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Description [edit]
Benihana boasts an "eatertainment" concept with teppanyaki cooking and delectable sushi. Perfect for special events, Benihana’s acrobatic slicing-and-dicing chefs are renowned for showing off their cooking skills for diners as they do up seafood, chicken, steak and vegetables in traditional Japanese style on a hibachi table.

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Posted by phlpalxndr on May 20, 2007 at 12:09 a.m. (report)

On May 11th in Milwaukee Wisconsin, two friends and their wives in addition to my wife and I, for a total of six, decided that we were to go out for a night on the town and Benihana would be apart of that experience. As I had never been to Benihana before and have heard the hype, both my wife and I were very excited. To much dismay our evening was not exactly as planned. I arrived at Benihana around 7:15pm and followed a sign that read Benihana parking in the rear. I also read a sign at the front of the restaurant that stated Valet $5.00, knowing that I did not have an issue with parking and walking to the restaurant I parked the car myself. As I was getting out of my vehicle along with my wife, I was greeted by the valet guy telling me to park my own car was $5.00. I told him that I parked my own car, and I was not paying $5.00. Contradictory to the sign he told me that parking is $5.00 and Valet is Free. I asked to speak with a Manager and the valet attendant brought me inside the restaurant where I explained myself. Again contradictory to the signs, the host/manager confirmed the valet attendants claim. This completely embarrassed me in front of my guests and in front of other patrons in the restaurant, as the host/manager was very loud, unprofessional, and completely discredited my valid point. I was forced in front of everyone to either pay the $5.00 or to move my car. As I was embarrassed and due to principal, I decided to move the vehicle. Nearly 15 minutes later when I arrived, the valet attendant and the host/manager, gathered at the front of the restaurant, giggled and glared at me as I proceeded to my table. At dinner we as a group decided to do Hibachi, which once again we were all disappointed. The Hibachi chef was not able to hold on to his utensils, almost hitting one of our guests, and was unable to do many tricks as we saw the other chefs do while looking around prior to our meal. He was unable to fling the shrimp into his hat, also unable to flick them into his shirt pocket. All six shrimp tails went all over the place one landing behind him, one bouncing off of his head back onto the grill. All in all, I was disappointed with my meal as the Hibachi Chicken was the most dried out chicken I have ever eaten and the trick where the chef catches the shrimp tail in his hat - well it was in my hibachi dinner along with the veggies. Not my idea of a good dinner at all. For the hype I was very disappointed. As far as I am concerned, this was the most overpriced and overrated meal I have ever been a part of. On a scale of one to ten here are my ratings. Wait staff 5 out of 10 Sushi Rolls 8 out of 10 Hibachi 3 out of 10 Chef 5 out of 10 Price 4 out of 10

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