Proof Pizza [edit]
Saint Kate, 139 E. Kilbourn Ave.
Milwaukee , WI 53202
(414) 270-4433
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Description [edit]
Enjoy pizzas created in the Neapolitan style along with salads and antipasti at this casual counter service pizza spot.
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Feb. 6, 2020 - Feb. 6, 2020
Managing Sensitive Dress Code Issues 2020

Overview : Communicating and enforcing dress code policies are essential. Learning to set and manage policies by working directly with internal managers, business partners and executives in handling issues such as inappropriate or provocative dress, unhygienic employees is important, as well as identify and mitigating any legal issues.(protected class considerations, working with the legal department, and working with employee requests for accommodations). Why you should Attend : HR, which is frequently responsible for policy development, must work with other parts of the organization to ensure that dress codes are managed consistently and fairly. Dress and appearance policies now require organizations to develop strategies that align with employer goals and culture while protecting the employer from discrimination claims and protecting employees' rights. This course will cover the business of dress and appearance requirements for HR or managers. Implementing an easy-to-understand dress code can prevent problems from occurring and ensure your entire staff dresses consistently. Areas Covered in the Session : How to Handle Provocative Clothing How Far You Can Go tattoos, facial hair, nose rings etc How to Deal with Transgender Dress-Related Issues How to Effectively Communicate Your Dress Code Expectations to Workers Dealing with Employees Who Consistently Push the Dress Code Envelope Who Will Benefit : Human Resource -Team Leaders- HR professionals, particularly those who are either in the process of implementing/changing a dress code policy or who is spending too much time on dress-code-related problems Human Resource Professionals Employee Relations Professionals Event link : Contact Info LLC Email: Phone: US: (510) 962-8903 Phone: Zurich: +41 - 43 434 80 33 Website :


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