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Wine is a simple pleasure we can continue to enjoy. (PHOTO: Lori Fredrich)

What to drink now: 5 natural wines from Nonfiction Natural Wines

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our everyday life, but it doesn't need to change who we are. So, in addition to our ongoing coverage of the coronavirus, OnMilwaukee will continue to report on cool, fun, inspiring and strange stories from our city and beyond. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay informed and stay joyful. We're all in this together. #InThisTogetherMKE

As we journey into the "new normal," everything has changed. In order to protect the health of our families, friends and ourselves, we are making sacrifices. And whatever that means – whether it's missing out on travel, sports, art or theater performances or simply gathering with friends – it can take a toll.

That's why it's important to remember that we needn't sacrifice all the pleasures in life. We can still enjoy a good meal, be that take-out from a restaurant or a meal we cooked ourselves. And we can still indulge in a glass or two of delicious wine.

Last week on the FoodCrush Podcast, we talked with Allison and Bradley Kruse, owners of Nonfiction Natural Wines, 800 E. Potter Ave. in Bay View about one of the biggest trends in the wine world: natural wines. (Listen here!) After chatting with them, we also asked them for a few recommendations for some of their favorite natural wines.

Here's five wines they can't stop drinking, all of which are available (complete with curb-side pick-up) at their wine shop.

Cantina Marilina Fedelie Rosato

"Have you ever had a wine that you sort of have romantic feelings for? No? Just me? Well, this is a totally crushable wine, both in the "like it, like it" way and in terms of chuggability. This slightly spritzy Nero d'Avola is a watermelon hard candy dream. She's got lush, juicy red fruits, tart raspberries, good minerality, a little bit of that sour beer quality, and just a hint of nettles and lime zest."

Suggested pairings: Ceviche, summery salads and Brazilian music

Margins Chenin Blanc

"Sure, Chenin Blanc might be the cool kid in the wine world right now, but in fact, Chenin has basically always been the best white wine out there. Yes, we said it. This bottle from Clarksburg California is a great wine to bridge the gap between the natural wine drinker and one who prefers a more traditional style. We love the pineapple and pine needle nose, the slightly vegetal finish, and the tart apple cider notes."

Suggested pairings: Caesar salad or fish tacos

Calcarius OrangePuglia

"You tell us that a wine is from Puglia and we're already excited. Make it a liter of orange wine by a badass female winemaker in Puglia? PUMPED. This skin contact Falanghina by Valentina Passalacqua is everything I want in a spring/summer orange. It's like a clementine juice cocktail with Campari, a grapefruit peel garnish and ice cold hunks of granite for ice cubes. It's delightfully fruity with a bitter citrusy finish that keeps you coming back for more."

Suggested pairings: hard cheeses, shellfish, barbecue

Populis Rosé

"This California Rosé of Carignan is a cherry and berry guzzler that feels like the Fourth of July. It's super juicy and poppy! The fruit hits first in a big way, but follows with enough bright acidity, and white pepper to keep it interesting. Finishes quite dry and mineral with a few savory notes."

Suggested pairings: Asian cuisine, cheese popcorn and fireworks

Brendan Tracey Gorges Sèche

"This is one of our favorite wines by culty winemaker, Brendan Tracey. Gorges Sèche is a blend of Gamay du Bouze and Pineau d'Aunis from the Loire valley. It's SO juicy, so crunchy, has some definite funk to it, but in a delightfully playful way; think cranberry sauce, kombucha, and sour cherries. We love this low alcohol (11%!) wine with a bit of a chill on it."

Suggested pairings: rich and buttery sauces, pestos, or anything on your Thanksgiving table

If any of these sound like something you'd like to try, call Nonfiction Wines at (414) 763-6300 to verify availability and have a bottle (or three) set aside for you.


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