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Love ya, Milwaukee ... wherever the consultants rank you.

Milwaukee cracks "Hot 100 of world cities" list

Resonance Consultancy, a real estate, tourism and economic development firm with offices in Vancouver and New York, has released a list of what it deems to be the world's best 100 cities and, Milwaukee, we cracked the Hot 100, just edging in at 96, nestled between Sacramento and Kansas City.

But what does that mean?

Subtitled "A Ranking of Global Place Equity," the results are derived via what Resonance calls, "a unique methodology that combines analysis of user-generated ratings and reviews in digital channels such as TripAdvisor to measure these qualitative factors.

"Our approach to benchmarking and measuring the quality of cities is rooted in Ipsos' exclusive research into the key factors that citizens and business influencers in the U.S. consider most important in choosing a city in which to live, visit and invest."

Interestingly, Resonance says it "analyzed these diverse factors to determine which have positive correlations with foreign direct investment (in terms of the number of jobs in foreign-owned enterprises) and international visitor arrivals. Based on this analysis, we removed factors with a negative correlation to investment and visitor arrivals (such as air quality and unemployment rate) and have added Instagram hashtags."

So, in a world in which the negative factors are removed and the positives are boosted (I use TripAdvisor, but have you ever tried to parse its often alarmingly conflicting comments and ratings?!) ... we're 96!

Cities are judged on promotion (the number of online references), place (perceived quality of the city), product (attractions and infrastructure), prosperity, people (diversity) and programming (entertainment).

Based on all this, Milwaukee is among the top 100 in the world.

On one hand, that sounds pretty impressive, right? After all, there are thousands of cities, from Aabenraa (Denmark) to Zywiec (Poland).

And (mysteriously) even world-class cities of sizes roughly similar to Milwaukee's, like Glasgow (a European City of Culture) and Turin (an Olympics host, which, like Glasgow, has a subway) didn't make the cut. Those exclusions, I admit, would cause me to raise one eyebrow, if I knew how to do that.

So, Milwaukee rocks, right?

But in the breakout sub-lists of the top 15 cities for each of the judged categories listed above, Milwaukee is absent.

And, Milwaukee is the 33rd U.S. city on the list (of 35 American towns included). Milwaukee, folks, is the United States' 31st largest city by population (as of July 1, 2017). I'd think we should be higher up, based on that alone.

I might not be able to raise one eyebrow, but I'm pretty good at shrugging both shoulders.


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