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Can't stop The Hop! (PHOTO: Instagram/Ian Scargill)

12 cool photos of Wisconsin during the Polar Vortex

After three days of preposterously cold weather, turning the entire Midwest into "The Day After Tomorrow" (though without the killer wolves – timely reference!), this Wisconsin winter is finally returning to normal. So still cold, just not instant deadly anymore.

So before all the kids have to go back to school again and before work finally expects you back in the office – unless you *very fake cough* managed to pick up the flu from all the freeze – let's take a look at some of the incredible sights outside that you missed while bingeing through Netflix under a pile of blankets.

1. Ice ice, baby

2. Iceberg! Right ... uh, everywhere!

And also a rock. Running a boat into that would end poorly, too.

Steamy Breakwater Lighthouse at dawn, -50 F

3. Keno-shivers

A brisk Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin this morning [OC] (6000x4000) from r/EarthPorn

4. A rainbow made of ice

There's no pot of gold under this rainbow. Just more snow.

5. Dang, Door County!

We're quite positive this photo features every color known to the human eye.

6. Feeling blue

And also looking blue because the human body is not meant to be outside in these temperatures.

7. Frozen fractals all around

Yes, that's a "Frozen" reference – and now you have "Let It Go" stuck in your head again.

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Decorations in our window from this temperatures! #frozentundra #wisconsinwinter #winter #frozen

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8. Ice-olation

9. Colder by the lake, indeed

10. Holy ships!

11. Can't stop The Hop

12. Let's throw some more hot water into the air!

Because it really never gets old.


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