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Even numerologically speaking, 414 is splendid. (PHOTO: Jason McDowell)

The numerology of 414

To determine the numerology of 414 – which is, of course, the area code for Milwaukee – we have to, briefly, understand what numerology is.

Numerology is not a science. It's also not "hocus pocus" or a fortune-telling device. Numerology can be insightful, but mostly, it's just fun.

Numerology is an ancient study – and a belief – of the meanings of numbers. Western numerology is based on the belief that all numbers, no matter how large, can be broken down to a single-digit number, meaning between 1 and 9.

For example, the number 33 in numerology is actually viewed as 3+3, which equals 6. The number 122 breaks down to 1+2+2, which equals 5.

In numerology, each of the 1-9 numbers has a meaning. One means the beginning; two means partnerships; three means creativity; four means structure; five means transition; six means balance; seven means spirituality; eight means power and nine means the end.

So. What's the numerology of 414? The numbers equate to "structure-the beginning-structure," but what does that mean? OnMilwaukee asked a couple of professionals for their take.

Renee Bebeau is an artist who has studied tarot and numerology for more than 20 years. Bebeau sees the two fours as Milwaukee's structure and supportive nature and the one in the middle as the individual Milwaukee.

"I love the way that the fours bookend the one, representing that we are all individuals and unique (one) and our strength is how we support each other (double fours)," says Bebeau.

When the numbers are added together, they total nine, which in numerology means "the end."

"'The end' represents wisdom, experience and the end of a cycle. That says to me that this town has a rich history and is always on the brink of a new chapter, ready to grow new again," says Bebeau.

After adding up 414, Theresa Reed, aka "The Tarot Lady," had insight, as well.

"Nine is the number of completion. When you consider all that Milwaukee has to offer, I would say that Milwaukee is the complete package: good food, great entertainment, fabulous homes and friendly locals," says Reed. "What more could you ask for?"


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