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A meteor was spotted over Wisconsin last night.

LOOK: Bright meteor lights up the Wisconsin sky near midnight

Look up! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a Jedi attack force!? OK, not really, but a brilliant meteor did light up the sky over Wisconsin last night, causing no shortage of oohing and aahing and leading at least one observer to say the sighting was life-changing.

Folks reported seeing it as far north as Merrill and even down near Bloomington, Illinois.

Sightings also came in from Milwaukee, Chicago and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The meteor could be seen at 11:50 p.m.:

And cameras at the University of Wisconsin in Madison's Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences also caught the bright light descending in the eastern sky:

For perhaps more than you thought you ever would want to know about meteor showers over Wisconsin, visit the American Meteor Society's activity outlook page for the state.

According to the site, there are a number of sources of meteoric activity up there at the moment – including the Monocerotids, the Geminids, the Sigma Hydrids and others – but the Ursids are currently the "active major meteor shower" from Dec. 17-23.

On the site, observer "Joseph S," called last night's sighting, "fricken awesome!"

"Lynn V" in Fitchburg wrote, "My husband and I were sitting inside watching television, facing the outside wall which has large windows. The meteor was 'suddenly there,' evenly bright from start to finish. It appeared and disappeared within a second, ending with a brilliant (but small) explosion of light. (We compared notes and agreed on this.) We have a lightly forested yard in that direction, yet the meteor did not appear to be "behind" any trees. Rather it looked as if it had come down in our back yard! Magnificent!"

Madison's "Jennafer K" said, "It was the best moment of my life."


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